Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Yes, yes, I've been such a slacker-blogger.  My only excuse is that I'm again experiencing that first trimester fatigue, and I am spending most of my spare (ha!) time asleep!  Most days I'm getting in 8-9 hours sleep a night, but I'm still needing about an hours nap, 5-6 days a week too.  On the day/s that I don't nap, I try and catch up with everything that I got behind on already!

Sorry no pictures on this post.  I do have a family update coming up, complete with lots of pictures of my lovely kiddies.  Just another area I have been slacking in!  You'll just have to make do with my ramblings this time instead! 

My husband and kids have been GREAT, in helping pick up my slack.  Amy has taken on doing a few extra chores (on her own initiative) just to help me get finished sooner in the evenings!  Such a sweet girl!  One night last week I felt pretty bad, and went up for a nap after dinner.  I woke about an hour later to find Brian putting Meg to bed himself, and when I went downstairs about twenty minutes later, I noticed straight away that most of my chores had been done for me!  I was SO grateful, as I had been dreading facing them later that evening!

One FANTASTIC thing that has happened lately, is that my husband has agreed to me home birthing this time around!!!!  I'm so excited!!!  We will be receiving our care/labouring with the Domino Midwifery service that is run out of our local hospital.  We have used this service before (but different local hospital), but had the births in the hospital.  I LOVE being in the care of experienced midwives and not a rough, ill-mannered male obstetrician!  The reason we've had to change hospital is because, while the one we usually attend does offer home birth, they can't offer it to me because my last two babies have been over 10lb, and that goes against their policy.  I was really disappointed; until the other hospital that offered home birth, said their policy was different! :)

Well, that's all for now until I can upload my pictures and finish my other posts!  Hope you are all having a blessed week! 


Nikki said...

What a FUN update. I LOVE to read about what people are up to. Having home births is great. I speak from my own experiences. :) We too have had big babies and as my midwife says fat squishes. :) I thought that was really true. My biggest babies were some of my easiest babies. Mercy was our second smallest at 8 lbs 6 oz. I never worried that my 10 pounders were not healthy enough. :) So happy for you all and what a sweet Amy you have.

~SALLY~ said...

Oh YAY for homebirthing!! I am a HUGE fan but cannot do it due to some health issues that I have. Good for you! Get lots of rest and take advantage of those naps! :)

Jessi said...

Yay! So happy you are home birthing! If I could have children I would love to experience that. I would be so scared to have a baby in the hospital in the U.S.
I will be praying for you and baby to have a safe delivery!