Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amy's 13th Birthday!

Our Sweet Birthday Girl!

Today was Amy's 13th birthday!  In actual fact it isn't until tomorrow, but we decided to celebrate it one day early this year, as it just didn't suit our schedules to do it on Friday.  Amy didn't mind one bit.

We surprised Amy with a meerkat themed birthday, as they are her favourite animal!  I'm happy to report Amy thoroughly enjoyed it all! :)

Birthday "Meerkat Mayhem" Posters

Nanny, Amy And Dylan

Once again we decided to celebrate with a birthday breakfast.  Amy only requested sausages and puddings...but we added a few more things to our menu:

Hard Boiled Eggs
White Pudding
Black Pudding
Grilled Tomatoes
Croissants with Butter and Jam
 Baked Oatmeal and Maple Syrup
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Orange Juice

The food was so gooooood!  In particular, I would say the chocolate dipped strawberries were a BIG hit!  I was careful to make plenty of food, and that way I wouldn't have to cook for the rest of the day.  In actual fact there is still plenty of leftovers, that will probably see us through much of tomorrow as well! 

Birthday Baked Oatmeal...Before It Was Baked ;)

Big Hugs From Grandad

Amy's main gift from her Dad and I, was money to go shopping and a couple of hours alone time with me, to go shopping together today!  This is a big treat and Amy was super excited!  So once our breakfast had settled and the dishes were loaded we hopped in the car and drove into the city.  We had such fun together! 

Mr Meerkat Making Off With The Sweets!


Daddy And Sleepy Meg

So for the next couple of hours we browsed and shopped.  Amy bought some beautiful things; amongst which were a lovely purple dress and turquoise skirt, she also treated Dylan too!  I will try and snap a photograph of some of the things she bought tomorrow.  Seeing as my hubby is super generous, I was able to treat myself too and bought some new t-shirts, nightwear and slippers.  I LOVE my slippers, they are super comfy! :)

I Wonder What It Could Be?

Meg Enjoying Her Breakfast! ;)

Dylan, Multi-tasking!

After eating out for lunch, Amy and I headed back home.  We arrived back just as Meg was waking from her afternoon nap.  We showed off all the things we had gotten and gave out the gifts we had bought for each person.  Everyone was pleased.  We did buy something for my hubby too, which has been put away until Fathers Day!  Brian and Dylan then went out to run some errands whist Amy and I relaxed for a time and then did our chores.

Amy Received An "Addictaball"...So Difficult!!!

"Happy Birthday To You..." :)

Amy's Meerkat Birthday Cake

After dinner, my mum and brother came around for Amy's birthday cake.  It was yummy!  Amy really liked the meerkat theme!  We enjoyed drinks that Amy had selected with our cake, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Brian had to dash off quickly to do farm chores, but my mum stayed for a while and visited with us.  I was glad of it, as she is going overseas tomorrow for two weeks, to visit my granny in England. 

Yes, Someone Forgot To Close The Backdoor Quickly
And The Lambs Got In!!! ...Apologies For The Blur

Nanny We Can't Believe YOU Ate This Much Cake!!! ;)

Sugar Rush Before Bed...Not One Of My Better Ideas!

One other amazing thing that happened to Amy today, was that she received a cheque in the mail for €75, which she had won through Prize Bonds!!!  We couldn't believe it!  ...Amy said she had a GREAT day and very much enjoyed being able to spend time and shop together.  Even though it was her birthday, I think EVERYONE had a great time!!!

Happy 13th Birthday Sweet Amy!


Sara Schroeder said...

Sounds like y'all had a great day! Happy Birthday,Amy, and many more to come!

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Amy!! It looked like a good time was had by all. :) So fun. I wish I could have one of those strawberries. Everything looked sooo good. I was wondering what a Meerkat (sp?) is? Is it a wild animal?

Sarah said...

Sara ~ Thank you! :)

Nikki ~ I found this link that will explain:

Amy bought a set of DVD's last year about meerkats; she has loved them ever since. When we visited Dublin Zoo last year, we got to eat our lunch with view into their enclosure...Amy sat right next to the glass to eat her sandwich!

Salinn said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!!! I hope you had a happy day.:)~Salinn~

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Amy! It is so good to see a lovely, modest girl who appreciates celebrating time with precious family. I am also taken with that adorable meerkat stuffie! Sarah, I've had you all in my thoughts over the past few weeks. I have been praying for you and your family, knowing the Lord is watching over your little one and you will all meet again someday in heaven. Much love to you all.


1HappyWife said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I think that ball is well named :), Jonathan got the perplexus one for his birthday and it is very addicting!
The food looks yummy :).
Have a very happy birthday Amy!! May you have a wonderful 13th year and continue to grow into a godly young lady!
What exactly are white and black puddings?

sarah in the woods said...

Happy birthday, Amy. Sounds like a great day

Stellar said...

Aw! What a fun birthday! Late Spring/ early Summer birthdays are always great. I'm glad you all had such a lovely day, and I love the meerkats. Happy birthday, Amy! 13 is a big year!!

Chelle said...

Happy Birthday Amy!! Looks like you had a nice party and time together shopping.

Sarah said...

Sorry for the delay in my responding! Thank you all for your comments; Amys loved reading through them! :)

Once again Wikipedia is my friend. Here is the link for black pudding:

The link for white:

Ours puddings actually look exactly the same as the "Irish breakfast" photograph in the second link. Here in Ireland they are somewhat smaller, than those we used to have in the UK.

Hope that helps! :)