Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching My Breath!

This week has been seriously busy!  I know I say that often, but this week really has!  Really!  Here are some of the things that we have been up to, plus some recent photographs:

Dylan And Auntie Tracy Playing Orchard

  •  My aunt has arrived from England to stay with us for two whole weeks!  Hooray!  Her visit has been eagerly anticipated for many months; but now at last she is here!  We have been enjoying her company and having the BEST time...hence my lack of blogging.  But hey, whats better than writing about life?  Living it of course!!! :)


  • The above photographs are an example of what happens to a cheeky bovine who gets caught drinking milk from a mama cow!  Now and then, we'll get one or two cows who still enjoy sneaking a little drink of warm milk, even though they have been long since weaned!  This (see above) is what happens to repeat offenders; the spikes poke the udder and the sneak-thief gets a swift kick! 

  • Dylan's lambs have learned to jump.  Big jumps!   One night last week, as the kids and I were cleaning up after dinner, Amy spotted them leaping through my garden!  So funny.  I really do love to watch lambs frolicking through the grass; tails wiggling!  But this time I wasn't about to go get my camera...those naughty fellas might eat my lettuces!  So I coaxed them back into their enclosure...minutes later they were out again...back out with some bottled milk to lure them, and this time I locked both gates so they couldn't jump over the grassed area fence.  Boy, were they ever mad!  We have now moved them into the walled garden so they can be contained, whilst still having 2 acres to roam around in and cause mischief! 

  • In a couple of weeks a speaker is coming to our church all the way from Tennessee, to give a three day talk of the "Trail of Blood" and discuss the history of real Christianity and the persecutions of various "baptistic" Christians down through the ages.  How exciting it sounds; we cannot wait!  My husband and I read the "Trail of Blood" many months ago, after it was recommended to us by a fellow blogger...boy was it ever an eye-opener!

  • My vegetable plot is being eaten more and more every day! :(  Those pesky slugs are LOVING my cabbages!  I have covered my strawberries after realising the birds were eating my berries!  :(  Today after my morning inspection, I discovered that one of my lovely lettuces has been devoured by a hare! :(  Next year we will fare better when we have our own poly-tunnel, as slugs tend not to like the dry ground in the hot poly-tunnels; plus, it would be hare and bird proof also...but until then I will keep on fending of their various attacks on my lovely produce!


Nikki said...

I missed you but glad that you have been away with good reason. :) Loved reading your update.

Amanda said...

Your garden looks beautiful. I tried to have a garden last year and failed miserably. We are in an apartment this year so I am unable to try. Any tips of your success???

Sarah said...

Nikki - Thank you! :)

Amanda - Thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment! We do normally plant in a polytunnel (shared with my parents) but this year we didn't, so I tried doing the raised beds for the first time. It has definitely been a learning curve! Next year we do hope to fare better when we (God willing) get our own small polytunnel. So I don't really have any tips, except plant up, try to follow the advice given on the plant tag and hope for the best! ;)

If I were personally in an apartment, I would try my best to keep a few pots of herbs (sage, chives, parsley...etc) on a sunny indoor window-ledge. Happy planting! :)

1HappyWife said...

Enjoyed catching up with you :).
Your vegetables look wonderful ... our garden is not doing so well. Love the picture of Dylan and his tractor :).