Monday, June 11, 2012

A Jam Packed Day

Pretty Elderflowers

On the day that we welcomed our newest farm arrivals; Amy and I were busy, busy, busy making a quadruple batch of our favourite jam!  Gooseberry and Elderflower.  If you have never tried this jam before, you have been seriously missing out!  So get out your recipe books ladies; this one is definitely a keeper!

Amy Busy; Topping And Tailing The Gooseberries

Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam

Ingredients ~ Makes about 2kg/4.5lb

1.3kg/3lb/12 cups ~ Frozen Gooseberries, topped and tailed
300ml/0.5 pint/1.25 cups ~ Water
1.3kg/3lb/12 cups ~ Sugar
Juice of 1 Lemon
2 Handfuls of Elderflowers, removed from their stalks


Wash out the jam jars you will be using in hot soapy water, rise under a tap to rinse.  Place right side up onto a large baking sheet and put into a hot oven for about 20 minutes to sterilise.  Turn off the heat but leave in the oven until needed.

Place gooseberries into a large preserving pan, add the water and bring the mixture to the boil, stirring now and then.  Cover the pan with a lid and simmer gently for about 20 minutes until the fruit is soft.  Using a potato masher, gently mash the fruit to crush it slightly.

Add the sugar, lemon juice and elderflowers to the pan and stir over a low heat until all the sugar has dissolved.  Boil on a "rolling boil" until setting point is reached.  I love how the jam turns from green to pink whilst cooking! :) 

Once your jam has reached setting point, take it off the heat immediately and pour (I use a 1ltr jug) very carefully into the hot, sterilised jars.  I do not "can" my jam, but simply use these.  Now your jam is finished!


You can use fresh gooseberries in this recipe, however we cannot as usually our Irish gooseberries, are not ripe at the same time as the elderflowers are blossoming.  So it really helps to keep a few bags in the freezer ready for those first flowers!  I really do hope that some of you are able to try this recipe, as it really is the best jam EVER!

The Prettiest (And Tastiest) Jam You'll Ever Make!

All Finished!


Chelle said...

Looks really good. I will have to try to make some. I just got some Elderberry bushes. They are growing really good. They aren't use able this year, but maybe next year.

Nikki said...

That IS pretty jam. :) We do not have either of those berries but I may just have to look into them. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

This sounds really yummy - I think we need to try this :)

~SALLY~ said...

Oh that looks great!! Thanks for converting it to US measures too. :) I will have to try to find the elderflowers and gooseberries. YUM! I LOVE jam!:)

1HappyWife said...

Those jars do look pretty with the flowers in them! Looks like you two have been busy :).

Nicole said...

Wow. Looks so pretty. I have so much catching up to do on everyone's blogs! Great post. I would love to make this!