Monday, June 4, 2012

New Arrivals On The Farm

"Nom, Nom, Nom...This Milk Is Goooood"

Meet Almanzo and Snowy!  These guys are the first farm animals, hard-working, "farmer boy" Dylan, has ever had for his very own!  ...Just last night my husband talked with me about getting Dylan pet lambs; for him to learn about rearing and caring for them.  I thought it was a GREAT idea! :)

  Miss Meg Was A Little Surprised To Find These
"Maaaaaas" In Her Play-Area!

So early this morning, my husband made a phone call, packed Dylan into the truck (they picked up Amy from Grannies on the way) and headed off to pick up two pet lambs!  Meanwhile Meg, Nanny and I, went to the supermarket to pick up a few items that Amy and I needed for later that day.  When we arrived home, they were back...

Almanzo Says "Cheeeeese"

The VERY Happy Farmer Boy!

Dylan RAN out to greet me and tell me that "they" were here.  I have NEVER seen a boy SO EXCITED!!!  So we went to meet the new arrivals...

"Mama These Guys Are SO Funny!"

Almanzo and Snow are absolutely GORGEOUS!  And as far as lambs go, they are very hardy and not in the least bit shy or nervous.  Dylan really enjoys feeding them their milk from the bottles, and fixing up their bed, water...etc.  I am finding myself wondering, at what crazy hour our very tired little man will wake up at tomorrow, to go feed his sheep? 

Every Busy Mans Dream Machine!

The rest of the afternoon was spent collecting this cool ride-on lawnmower for my hubby!  What a blessing it has already been...yes, you must already have guessed that he has mowed our whole lawn AND down the driveway too!!!  I'm so grateful to God for providing this equipment for our family; as now our lawn won't take my husband 5 hours per week to mow (we have a lot of grass), and his back won't be sore afterward. :)

That's It Dad, Train 'Em In Early! ;)


1HappyWife said...

So happy for Dylan! They are very cute and that top picture of Meg with them is just adorable :). Jonathan for the last few months has been talking about wanting a sheep ... he has been playing with my puppet one a lot! I don't think that is anything that will be happening any time soon :) after all Hannah prayed many years before she got her chickens :). He is pretty excited for Dylan too!

Nikki said...

I ALWAYS love when you post. I loved all the pictures in this one. Sooooo much fun to read and see. Those lambs are really cute. What fun for your children. It looks like father and son are enjoying their new lawn tractor. My boys were thrilled when they were FINALLY big enough to reach the pedals. :) They love mowing now and my hubby barely gets a turn. :) Thank you for your sweet comment today. It really made me smile.

Karen R. said...

Dylan is the cutest little shepherd boy I have ever seen! ;) I often wish we had a farm so I could give my children the blessing of teaching them real work. What a great experience for him and the rest of the family. God bless!