Thursday, June 14, 2012

When The Rain Stopped...

At the moment here in Ireland, it has been raining for about a week, almost non-stop!  Yesterday there was a lovely break in the rain, along with some sunshine,  so I took our camera outside for a few pictures before it stared up again...

 Strawberries, Just Starting To "Blush" 

Our Raised Beds 

We Tried Planting Corn...Just To See 

My Gift For The Lambs...Rosemary! ;)

A Gardeners Best Weapon!

 Snow And 'Manzo
...Almanzo Is My Favourite!

We Call This The "Magic Door"
...I'm Not Actually Sure Why

Hubby's Flag!

Our Busy Boy

Our Driveway


I Hope You Are All Enjoying Your Week


Nikki said...

Loved your pictures as always. :) Your gardens look wonderful. I love the "magic door". Is that on your property? Just today while I was in our attic I found a couple tea towels(?) that had Castles in Ireland on and maybe flags. I think we inherited them from my husbands Grandma? Anyway, I thought Salinn might to like hang them in her bedroom. Especially knowing she has a "friend" there. :)

Sarah said...

Thank you Nikki! :)

Yes, the "magic door" is on our property. We incorporated it into our walled garden just a few years ago. There are not many walled gardens left in Ireland now. Our one is over 200 years old!

Yes, we would call them "tea towels" too! :)

Thanks for your comment!

1HappyWife said...

I loved seeing your land it is BEAUTIFUL! Your raised beds are gorgeous!!! Strawberries are my favorite and I would live on them if I could :). I wonder if they sell the slug stuff here ... we will have to check that out. Snow and 'Manzo are so cute, I'll have to show Jonathan tomorrow ... he and Dylan would get along great :).
Always enjoy stopping by your place :).

Twinkle Toes said...

Love the magic door! I think I would call it that too. It looks like one for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Your place is so beautiful , and I had no idea you can get organic slug killer , I have always had problems with slugs .