Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spare Time...What's That?

Flowers From My Honey!

I have so many unfinished blog posts at the moment, and I know I have been terrible at keeping you all up-to-date with what's been going on with our family...BUT in my defence I am trying my best to use my time (our most valuable commodity) wisely, and so yes that means that our little blog has fallen by the wayside much over these last few months!  Also I just wanted to let you all know, that I am enjoying reading all of your blogs, even if I haven't been so faithful in leaving comments all are SUCH A BLESSING to me!  So here is a sample of what I/we have been doing with ourselves, during those few hours of free time that we manage to carve out each week.

  • Well since it is almost almost the end of July, I have decided to get a head start and begin on all those handmade gifts that I plan to give to family and friends at Christmas time!  I am sewing, crocheting and ribbon making up a storm!  Yes, I know it seems a little early, but I'm factoring in all those weeks that I don't get around to crafting, and all those other disruptions that seem to happen frequently around our home!  I won't be posting any pictures, so as not to spoil any surprises! ;)

  • Last week our family enjoyed the "Trail of Blood" conference hosted at our church!  A missionary couple all the way from Tennessee, came and blessed us all with four special services; focusing on the "Trail of Blood" booklet and the importance of born-again, immersionist, Bible faith, from the time of Christ right up to our present age.  What a treat that was!  If you have never read this booklet, you can download it for your Kindle here (U.K) or here (U.S); It is an absolute MUST READ for any Bible believing Christian. 

  • At the moment it is "haying" time on our farm.  It has all been cut and was supposed to have been baled and wrapped last Sunday, which was forecast to be a warm and dry was NOT!  It rained :(  And has rained mostly everyday ever since!  My poor hubby groans every time he looks out of the window.  But we hope (Lord willing) to have it baled as soon as we get a nice bit of dry weather and we are praying that the hay won't be spoiled too badly.

  • Lately I've been hoping to put together a gospel tract, that would be informative and instructional for Catholics.  My husband and I know many Catholics and it is a burden on our hearts to see how many are still being deceived in our country by this false religion.  I have collected together some points and different Bible verses, that I think would be good to use.  However if any of you ladies know of any free, printable, tracts specifically for winning Catholics to Christ, then I'd be so grateful if you would leave a link in a comment section below. :) 

  • As I've already mentioned, any evening that we get the chores finished early and we are all home...we are LOVING to sit down and watch an hour or two of Dr Hovind's Creation Seminar DVDs.  They are SO GOOD!  Just last night my husband, Amy and I watched the whole of Disc 5.  We normally watch each DVD over two or three nights, but Disc 5 was so INFORMATIVE that we watched it in full.  They really are great, and it would be so nice to be able to buy our own copy one day.  If you have never watched them you should check them out!   

Well that's all I have time for right now, so I guess I'll leave it there for the time being.  I hope to blog about Meg's trip to the doctors later this week, an update on the tree-house, a product recommendation, and also to finish off another (yes, there are many!!) as yet un-finished blog post!

I Hope You Are All Having A Blessed Week In HIM!!!


Nikki said...

Hi Sarah,
I totally understand your busy. ;) Life is just that!!! :) Tonight the boys and I have been dealing with a less then sweet dairy cow. She can be so stubborn and tonight is no exception. I feel muscles I had no idea I had. OUCH!!! How sweet that you are working on homemade gifts. Those are the BEST to receive. :) Glad to see you updated. Your friends, The R family

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!
Glad you and your family have been busy busy! I've been praying for you all! Did you hear Pastor Anderson on Irish radio (I listened to it via YouTube and seriously was CRIMSON at some of the vulgar language used by some of the callers). He defends FROM THE BIBLE where the Lord says a woman should be in the home as keeper. It was a breath of fresh air! I hope you got to hear it, although if you and Brian listen to it, PLEASE don't have Miss Amy or Dylan or Meg in listening range as again the language is awful and Pastor Anderson is quite gracious as he's bombarded (you may even ask to have Brian screen it prior to be sure he wants you to listen to it)! Thinking of you on this rainy day over the the States!


Lucy said...

I don't know about tracts. I am a catholic and we are Christians who love Jesus and He is our Saviour, so I'm not clear why you need to try and "save" us. But anyway, I wanted to say I love your sewing - I am trying to sew some things for my little girl and failing to find the time for it.

Gretchen said...


Your comments about Catholics not believing in Christ are false and offensive. Please do some actual reading about the Catholic Church before you make such blanket statements. I am a former Catholic and now Anglican and we believe that Christ is our savior! Catholics also do not worship Mary, the Pope, or anyone else other than God. Asking for prayers to be intereceded for you is NOT worshiping an idol or something other than Jesus. I feel saddened as well that you would choose to believe the lies that continue to be spread around by those who choose not educate themselves.
In Christ and with hope that we can all learn something from each other,

Sarah said...

Nikki ~ I totally agree; homemade gifts are the BEST!!!

Hailey ~ My husband and I did already listen to Pastor Anderson's interview on Irish radio...

We were not surprised by the response he received. Foul language is also part of everyday speech in most parts what we haerd was nothing new to us. The Irish people (Catholic and Protestant alike) have no regard for authority of the Word of God. It is sad, because this then means that they have no way of knowing of how they are being deceived by society and their individual "religious" institutions.

We too were thankful that the Pastor was gracious to those who were unkind to him and tried very hard to offer the Truth to those that called in.

Lucy ~ I'm glad you are enjoying my sewing posts! The Bible is clear that anyone who is relying on "works" to save them (either in part or in full) is not saved.

Gretchen ~ Again the Bible is clear that those people who are relying on their own "works" to save them are not saved, and will be found wanting on the day of judgement.

If you are certain that Catholics are trusting in the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ to take them to Heaven when they die, then please ask yourself the following:

Why is the sprinkling of babies or adults described by the Catholic church as "regenerative"?

Why are mass cards bought for deceased Catholic people?

Where in the Bible is the place of purgatory described? (Catholicism teaches that deceased Catholics need the prayers and offerings of others to move them through purgatory, before they may enter Heaven)

Where in the Bible does Jesus tell his disciples that mere bread and wine ingestion, provides salvation in-part?


Where in the Bible does it describe Mary as the MOTHER of GOD?

Where in the Bible does it tell us Mary is a mediator between man and God?

Where in the Bible does it tells us we need another (other than Christ himself) to intercede our prayers?

Can you give me an instance in the Bible were anyone prays to Mary or any dead saint?

There are MANY more points I could raise here. Please know that I cite the above to urge you to READ YOUR BIBLE. The Catholic church is a false religion and a thorough knowledge of the Bible will make that perfectly clear to you.

Anonymous said...


As a Catholic Sister in Christ, I can share with you that I like your blog (mostly) with the exception of your concerns about my Catholic beliefs.

Here is where my beliefs are substantiated in the same Bible that you read:

Mary as Mother of God - Luke 1:43

Baptism of infants - Mathew 18:14 and Acts 16:16

Intercession of the dead for the living - Luke 16: 19-31

Purgatory - 1 Corinthians 3:15 and 1 Peter 1: 6-9.

If all believe in God and His Son's sacrifice for our salvation, we should trust that one another's beliefs aren't circumspect.

In Christ,

Sarah said...

Laura ~ I have been meaning to respond to your comment, but today has just been crazy busy so far, with no time for a lengthy reply. If I get a chance this evening I will, as I feel that I really would like to offer my opinion on the Bible references you gave.

I just wanted to say that I am glad you enjoy reading here, and that if you disagree with my stance on Catholicism you are quite entitled to disagree, however please understand that this is my blog, and I am under no obligation to respond to any objections with my own opinion/beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,

You are under no obligation to share your interpretations of the Scriptures that I quoted. Please note that these were in direct reference to your questions. I am firm in my faith and feel that I need not defend myself or my beliefs. Of course this is your blog and I've enjoyed my time reading about your family, as I'm sure you would enjoy reading about my family. And while we both love our faiths, I see your a Baptist, it is probably best to agree to disagree and with that I shall simply say "God Bless". :)


Sarah said...

To note to all: I refrained from commenting further on this post, as it seemed that many if not all ladies commenting on this particular thread came from an "unsavoury" webiste, and I felt no need to "cast my pearls before the swine". I am however, planning on writing a seperate post concerning Irish Catholicism in the future.