Saturday, August 11, 2012


We HEART Carcassone!

My Pestilential Opponent!

Over the last few days an awful cold/cough has been making the rounds in our home.  First, the littles had it, next in line was Amy and over the last two days I also have been infected!!! Bleurgh!!!  Thank you for any who were praying for'll be glad to know Dylan and Meg are now almost fully well again.

Last evening the when the house was all quiet (Dylan was out on the tractor with my husband and Meg was sleeping) Amy suggested that we play Carcassone.  So in between sniffing, sneezing and blowing our noses a whole lot, we did indeed play!

This game is FANTASTIC and doesn't take a long time to play a whole game, unlike Settlers of Catan.  I think game play is approximately 40 minutes.  Though it must be said that Catan is still my all time favourite board game!  Carcassone is easy to set up, play and score.  It really does depend mostly on the luck-of-the-draw, but some strategy is involved if you want to score quickly and/or big.

We found that this game is easy to adapt for playing with little people too.  Dylan will often ask to play alone with me after Amy and I have finished.  Sometimes he just likes to lay out the tiles and construct a landscape or the biggest city possible...etc.

I can certainly recommend this game for fun family play! :)


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I haven't heard of this game before. I like the idea is is shorter than "Settlers", although I enjoy that game as well. Glad you are all on the mend!

Nicole said...

Hope you're feeling better now, looks like a great game, I will have to look it up online :)
Our family will pray for your familys health. We cannot understand why we have been so sick lately, seems as though we just keep passing stuff around or catching everything out there. Well, as the freejingers like to talk about me, it's because I'm poisoning my children with raw goats milk.
Well, praying for your family :)

Sarah said...

Nicole ~ Thank you for your prayers! You would really like Carcassone...I do hope that you get to play it!

As for the world renowned experts on EVERYTHING at FJ...

The comments they leave are SO NASTY and EVIL, I can't imagine what kind of woman or man would tear other families down, for a HOBBY!?!!

Your children are blessed to have such a caring mother! :)