Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dylan's Newspaper...

Reading All About The Latest Farming News

Poor Dylan; try as he might, it is just plain hard to read the newspaper in peace around here!  Always someone wants to play or participate in whatever you are doing.  It would wear a boy out!

TRYING To Read...Bella Wants To Play!

Roly-poly Is A GREAT Game!

Bella: "You Don't Mind If I Nibble Your Ear A Little Do You?"

Oh No...Scruffy Wants In On The Fun Too

Poor Dylan Has Lost His Newspaper!


Chelle said...

We have a dog just like the black and brown one. Is it a Yorky. Thats what ours is. Looks like they are having fun.

Nicole said...

Aw, how sweet :) Dylan is so cute, and trying to read his paper, that's adorable! The doggies love him for sure :)

~SALLY~ said...

Ha ha!! How funny! I love how playful little boys are. :)

1HappyWife said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing some smiles :).

Elizabeth said...

hahahahaha!!!! That was soooo funny.

Love the tractors on Dylan's pajamas too!