Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lots Of Pictures And An Update!

Miss Meg Having Fun With Rice...

**Beware - This Activity Makes A TERRIBLE Mess!!!**

Dylan Injured His Hand Outside With Dad...
So He Decided To Play With Meg

We have had a VERY busy few weeks!  Firstly we were all sick, with the exception of my husband who miraculously escaped the plague that did the rounds within our home!  Secondly my parents have needed to move in with us whilst their cottage is being rewired, so things have been hugely a little more chaotic than usual.  We are trying to maintain our usual routine, and for the most part this has been relatively easy since we are not yet back-to-school.

Speaking of which, our official back-to-school date is TOMORROW!!!  We have enjoyed a very long holiday this year, and I haven't really felt the urge to rush back to school since everyone was able to keep busy and stay out of mischief!  Dylan is SO looking forward to beginning his new books for this year...especially Galloping the Globe!  He LOVES to help me with the cooking, so he can't wait to try and make the different dishes as we study each country.  Even though Amy does have her own geography curriculum...we decided that she could participate with Galloping the Globe too, as she thought she also would really like to cook those different cuisines! 

My husband and I made some big decisions about our homeschooling last year, and so we are looking forward to trying new things out and pruning aspects that were not working so well...etc.  The Holy Spirit has really given me such a PEACE about our schooling this year! 

My Guys Reading The "Farmers Journal"

My Lovely Hubby!

The kids and I are over our sicknesses now.  Poor Dylan and Meg got it the worst; with Dylan having the worst cough and Meg having the worst fever.  Someone also advised me to try Lobelia extract to help with Dylan's cough as it is a natural expectorant...I'm pleased to report that it worked very well, alongside the TWO JARS of homemade cough syrup we used!!!  Praise God that we all mended up very quickly and thank you to all who prayed for us! 

Dylan Using With Amy's Electronics Set...He Played For HOURS With It!

My Son, The BRIGHT SPARK! :)

Just this weekend we hosted all of our church friends at our home for fellowship, food and FUN!!  The ladies at our church helped and brought some food to share which was such a blessing...especially since they can all cook so well!!  My mum also cooked her legendary beef stew for us all to enjoy...it was so good and everyone raved about it! We had such a great time and we are looking forward to doing it again in the future.  We are so thankful to have found such a wonderful church home and family!!

A Sick Meg Watching The Duggar Family On DVD...
She Was Cross As She Didn't Want Me To Take Her Picture

LOVE Her Pigtails!

Meg's Favourite Game 
Is For Amy To Blow Bubbles For Her To Pop!


Diana J. said...

You have such a cute house!

I'd love to hear more about what you guys are going to try for homeschooling! We're thinking about Galloping the Globe (and Cantering the Country) as well.


aurie good said...

So glad that you are all feeling better! We have a rice table as well - I finally put a sheet underneath it to help corral all the rice pieces :)

Kimmie said...

We started Galloping the Globe this year, too. That circuit set is awesome. We have the same one. I'm glad your little ones are feeling better.

1HappyWife said...

So glad to hear you are all feeling better!! I am glad you updated with lots of pictures :). Have a wonderful first day of school! We are still a few weeks out and I am soooooo thankful because as I type this my hubby and the boys are refinishing floors and the house is in the midst of turmoil :( it won't last forever though :).

Nicole said...

I love all of the pictures. Meg is so sweet!
Sounds like a busy few weeks. We have been sick WAY more than normal this year and i don't understand it. well, Im glad everyone there is feeling better... enjoy having the family there, and hope you have a great first week in school :)

Nikki said...

I was so happy to see you had updated and with so many pictures too. Meg is so sweet. She sure looks to be enjoying her rice activity. Glad you are all feeling better.

Lovelace Family Blog said...

So glad to see that you are well. It just seems to be a busy time of year for everyone. Even I have updated with tons of pictures with my posts. Your kids are such sweeties. Hope you have a great year this year with school. ;)

Sara said...

Meg is so sweet. Did anyone ever tell you she looks very much like Princess Isabella of Denmark at that age?

Sarah said...

Diana ~ You will LOVE Galloping The Globe! We are havin such FUN using it and we are only a couple of page in! I hope you get to try it out! Thanks for your comment! :)

Aurie ~ Glad you have found a way to "cleanly" enjoy the rice play. They did have fun, but I doubt I'll be rushing to do it again!

Kimmie ~ Perhaps we can trade addresses and both send a postcard to supplement our "Galloping the Globe"? I'll contact you privately about that.

The electronics set is great, but we have had it a long time and some of the piece are missing! We are planning to get a new bigger set for Dylan's upcoming 5th birthday.

Lovelace family ~ Thank you! I would love to pop by your blog; I love looking at photos of other families!

Sara ~ Thank you! I actually googled for a photo...and you're right they do look alike! I think it is the chubby cheeks and hairbow on the side! :)