Friday, September 7, 2012

Lots Of Learning!

As of today we have already done two full weeks of school plus three half days from the week before, and we have been having the best time! 

We are all having so much FUN with the "Galloping the Globe" curriculum!  This curriculum is recommended for K-4th Class/Grade, but we have found that it is very easy to cater this for Amy's level (8th) too, I just need to make sure that I plan, plan, plan!  So far the kids have learned basic map skills, names of the oceans, and studied/read about famous explorers...etc.  Just this week they finished up their study on China.  We all enjoyed learning about Chinese culture, especially the cooking part...I hope to blog separately about this, so keep an eye out!

Amy is enjoying her school so far and is working hard at all her subjects.  History is by far her favourite lesson, closely followed by "Galloping the Globe" and piano!  We have noticed such wonderful changes in Amy over the past few months; she has become much more disciplined and self-motivated with her studies, which is helping her to make very noticeable progress, thus increasing her motivation!  Way-to-go Amy! :)

This year Dylan has begun to learn how to read!  This is a little bit daunting for me, but he is a very good student!  We are using "teach you child to read in 100 easy lessons" and he is progressing very well with it.  We are finding that the lessons are exactly the right length in duration for Dylan; any less and he may not feel challenged, and any more and he may just go POP! 

Over the last two weeks, our very busy and active Meg has been a much easier girl to have around, whilst we are doing school!  Before we took our summer break, I found that she would be "finished" any activities within 5 minutes, and she was constantly demanding my attention away from the other kids.  Since we have returned to our studies, she has been better at keeping herself occupied whist I work one-on-one with Dylan in the morning, and I'm finding that her attention span for whatever activity I have for her to do, has increased a little.  I am thankful for this, as everyone can now hear me!  ;)

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1HappyWife said...

That last picture is priceless :). They are all cute but I just love the looks on their faces. Glad to hear school is going so well. We are starting soon (this is the latest we have ever gone but I want to start the year on the right foot :)).
What a wonderful family time in the last post! You got lots of great pictures.
Isn't this the big weekend :)?

We have lost some sugar for the frosting :( better go help the search part! Have a blessed weekend!!!