Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thank You "R" Family!

Yesterday morning as we were doing our school, we were so thrilled to see the postman pull up outside our house!  Our mail usually gets dropped into our post box further up the lane (in which snails often chew out letters!), but if we are blessed enough to get a package, our postman drives right up to the house! :)

So Funny!

Reading Aloud Our Lovely Letters

 We had a package all the way from the "R" family in America!  We were all thrilled to find handwritten letters (I love handwritten letters!), maple candy for our whole family to try and enjoy, and thoughtful gifts for our children!  This was our very first time trying maple candy and we LOVED IT!!!  It was so good!  

Mmmm Maple Candy...Our New Favourite Sweets!

Maple Sweets For A Sweet Girl

Next we were blessed to find a beautiful hair clip for Amy, silly straw glasses for Dylan and a pretty handmade skirt for Meg!  The straw glasses were a hoot!  Dylan could barely suck on the straw for laughing! :)  Meg's skirt is just so sweet and is so well made; she loves to point at the different animals and makes their sounds, so I guess it could be viewed as educational too!   Our family considers it a wonderful thing to be in correspondence with other Christian families around the world! 

Dylan Made His Last As Long As He Could!

"Thank you For My Skirt"

"R" family thank you so very much for being such a 
blessing to our family!   Your thoughtfulness means so much to us!

Meg Modelling Her Pretty Skirt!


Nikki said...

You are very welcome. Glad it could bless your day!! Sorry it took so long in coming.

1HappyWife said...

Monday was the day for packages :)!!!
Thank you so much for ours too!
That picture of Dylan is soooo funny!
Meg is adorable in her new skirt.
Those maple candies are yummy ... we just had some Sunday. We travel a distance to church and usually stop for coffee along the way. Well, for quite awhile we have been getting out of the house really late and for the last few weeks we have been trying VERY HARD to break that. This past Sunday all did VERY WELL! While my hubby and I grabbed coffee we saw some maple treats and decided to get them for the kids ... Ruthie went in with us (maybe that was why we were early someone forgot to use the ladies room first :() so she had her treat before getting into the car. She jumped in the van and excitedly announced, "Kids, Dad got us meatballs!" She was so serious! We did explain to her after they were maple candy ... but I think they may have gotten renamed :).
Have a wonderfully blessed day!
Thank you for sharing all the great pictures :).