Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wheaty Wonderings

I have been almost in a constant state of confusion over wheat flour, for the past few months!  Yes, you read that correctly: wheat flour!  Everytime one of my bloggy friends posted a recipe containing "whole-wheat" flour, it would send me into a tail-spin!  I would enlarge the pictures if provided, and scrutinize the end product (perhaps I should go volunteer for the "food police" over at FJ?), and I would think to myself "why does her fill-in-the-blank, look as if it had been made with plain/all-purpose flour????"

Well, my wheaty wonderings are now over!  All thanks to Elizabeth, who kindly emailed me this week, and included in her email a link to what you American ladies would call "whole-wheat" flour.

To me it looked like regular plain flour, only not as brilliantly white.  Here in Ireland the only type of "wholewheat" (made with the whole grain) we can buy at the supermarket is called "whole-MEAL", and looks like this:

The pencil is to show scale...

So now you see my confusion.  I would read your recipes and others I found online, and then try and make them with wholemeal, and they would typically come out of the oven looking like a dark brown, house brick!!  Still tasty, but VERY heavy and wheaty!  I wonder why ours is so coarse in texture?  Usually when I bake bread, pizza dough, tortillas..etc I use about 60-70% wholemeal and the rest all-purpose, which usually turns out pretty good!  Or so my family tells me! ;)

 So now we know!


Elizabeth said...

Yay! So glad I could help. I always laugh about how two ladies, who speak the same language, can have such confusion over something so small.

It reminds me of when you had said you got Brian a new jumper, and I had to ask because, to me, the jumper is a dress. I still laugh about that from time to time. :)

Kimmie said...

After reading some not so great things about wheat, we switched to organic all purpose flour.

I think most women here in the US just assume that all countries have all the same things available.

sage said...

We are big fans of Prairie Gold, or "white whole wheat." I use it in just about everything. Same fiber and nutrients as regular whole wheat, but with a milder taste.

We can get Irish style wheat here - it's called "whole meal" in my 'Baker's Catalog.' I love it! I just took a loaf of rye bread our of the machine, and it smells wonderful.

When I started home schooling over 25 years ago, the bread machine, along with the crock pot, was a life saver. Those two gadgets enabled me to provide fresh bread and hot meals every day, but not detract from our school day in the least. I think I bought the first bread machine available to the public! LOL

Being able to go to the park, library, or grocery shopping in the afternoon, and come home to a house that smelled like fresh bread and whatever was simmering in the crock pot was so wonderful, I don't have words to adequately
express it. I think I've gone through six bread machines, with hard daily use, since the first one we had. Now that my kids are adults, they still love the crock pot meals, and daily fresh bread.

Twinkle Toes said...

Yours looks like stone ground whole wheat! I get that, but I mix it half and half with our regular whole wheat and it makes it come out much better! Tasty, but not too heavy, dense and dark! When you grind wheat berries it comes out a little coarse and so I always grind it twice to get it softer. You could try grinding your wheat-meal and see if that helps???