Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why I LOVE Homeschooling

What's The Point Of All That Sand, Unless You Can Bring A Dump-Truck?

One of the reasons I LOVE homeschooling, is that we can be flexible, and adjust our schedule as needs be!  This morning my husband trumped our scheduled around-the-table schooling, and told me that we were all going to the beach!  What a super husband and daddy he is! 

Of course now that the public schools are open once again, the beach was close-to-empty, and we got to enjoy most of that lovely place all to ourselves!  Once again, another wonderful reason to homeschool! ;)

The Littles LOVED The Dead Crab

Dylan Collected Ever So Many Shells!

This would be the first time that Meg has ever gotten to go to the beach, but I needn't have worried how she would like it, because she LOVED it!  She was as fearless as ever!  Running, laughing, and making all kinds of mischief!  Though she did not like to walk bare-footed on the sand in the end, as it had gotten so hot!

Running For The Open Water!

We did try to dress for as many different weather conditions as we could...the weather has been very unpredictable ALL summer long!  So we went with lots of layers, that we could put on or remove as necessary.  The girls and I wore leggings under our skirts, in case of any freak gusts of wind!  ;)  When we first arrived it was rather cloudy and windy, but it soon became very hot and sunny, which was such a blessing!

Daddy Tucked Meg's Dress Into Her Shorts To Keep It Dry!

Amy Strolling

Duncannon Fort, That Was Famously 
Attacked By Oliver Cromwell In 1649

Meg LOVED Getting Her Hands Dirty And Throwing Wet Sand!

My Honey And Me!

Little Girl Lost!

Dylan Said He Was Going To Dig All The Way To China!!!

Daddy Bought Us All Ice-Creams!

Look At Those Cheeky Chops!

We Passed By Dunbrody Abbey On Our Way Home Too

We Had So Much FUN, That For Some 
It Was A Little Too Tiring!!!


Nikki said...

I really enjoyed your pictures. Little Meg is growing. Her little boots in the sand was adorable too. :) It sure looked like a fun day.
Hoping to stop by the post office today. I think it is about time. :) Have a great rest of the week. I love that we can be flexible while homeschooling!!

aurie good said...

Those are fantastic pictures!! I love that we can be flexible with homeschooling too...and I have a few field trips planned for when the public schools here are back in session!!

Nicole said...

Soooo fun. Looks like a wonderful trip to the beach!! I love homeschooling tooooo! We are so blessed aren't we?
Beautiful pictures....beautiful family!