Friday, October 26, 2012

Public School Books Aren't That Bad?!??

In Ireland homeschooling is still very rare.  We know very few people who choose to do it, even less are those who choose to do it in obedience to God's word.  Our family feels that it is God's will for ALL parents to educate their own children, in the things of the Lord. 

However we do not believe that this is limited to merely religious instruction, but EVERYTHING!  Biology, Languages, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics...etc, what are these things, if not all created by Him?  Are all these things not God's also?  Please do not feel that I am "looking down" upon Christian families that don't homeschool, I'm certainly not.  Though I do think that God's word is clear on this; however that issue is between them and the Lord...not them and me! ;)

When we began homeschooling, we chose to use state text books to help us along, as we knew of NO OTHER family at that time of whom we could ask advice.  We figured "How bad could they really be?"  (To note again for those who are new to reading here: there are NO Christian curriculum choices available for Irish people, if we now choose these for our family, we have to have them shipped from the U.S)

Last year my  husband and I discussed our approach to homeschooling, and whether what we were doing was pleasing to the Lord or not.  We felt like we had identified areas that needed attention, others that were good, and made the necessary changes. 

This year our eldest daughter began to do Galloping the Globe (the geography curriculum which we are doing as a family) at her own level; though my husband and I wished for her to still maintain her studies in Irish geography using a state text book.  This was a mistake on our part.  I pray to God that He will give us discernment, to avoid mistakes like this again in the future.

Just recently Amy brought her (state approved) geography text book, to show me something she had found that was "bad" .  I took a look...

Better education facilities often lead to lower birthrates.  People who are literate are more likely to understand and take part in family planning schemes aimed at reducing birth rates.  Educated women are more likely to work outside the home, rather than have large families.

  • In Germany and Ireland, education is compulsory and of a high standard.  Many couples plan small families so that both men and women can have careers outside the home.
  • Many poorer Brazilians, especially poorer women, receive little formal education and seldom of they have the option of pursuing a career.  They tend instead to have large families.
  The Place Of Women In Society

When women enjoy equality with men, they are empowered to make more decisions relating to their own lives an lifestyles.  In general, as the decision making power of women increases, birthrates tend to decrease.

  • In countries such as Ireland and Germany, improved education and awareness of equality has resulted in general equality between males and females.  Women can normally choose family planning and to work outside the home.  This results in falling birth rates.  Forty years ago,  Irish mothers had an average of four children.  they now have an average of under two.  

 I was grieved to find that we had completely failed to notice this disgusting feminazi, socialist propaganda in our review of her books.  The whole chapter of "world population" was laced with the same type of worldly garbage.  In a later chapter the book celebrated China's industrial development, and cited their one-child policy as one reason why China's industry was thriving!  It makes me sad to think that children all over our nation are having their minds poisoned by this type of "education". 

Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you
 seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become
 a fool, that he may be wise.  For the wisdom of this
 world is foolishness with God. For it is written,
 He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.
 ~ 1 Corinthians 3:18-19

According to this state approved text book, empowered women want less children?  Only the poor and uneducated have large families?  Ireland has a good education system?  And since when, did making ones country comparable with Germany become a good thing?  There are so many things in the above textbook excerpt that are false, misleading, and just plain stupid; that I simply do not have time to cover even most of them.  Though upon reflection these statements shouldn't be so surprising, considering that the Irish "minister for education" is a self confessed atheist, who wants public schools to teach acceptance of homosexuals and other disgusting immoral things.

God's word is perfect, and teaches that we are all created equal: male and female.  Though each gender has different qualities and responsibilities certainly.  Women can only become "empowered" and "enjoy equality", through following God's will for their lives, as set out for us in the Bible!  

As Christian parents we cannot afford to lose our children to the world; they are too precious.  We are to train them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Irish, Christian mothers, I encourage you to take up your God given responsibilities at home, and educate your children in the things of the Lord!  However this post serves as a reminder that the "State" always directly opposes God and His word, and we as parents, have to be ever vigilant to protect our childrens minds...even at home!

To bring this post to a close, I'll leave you with this wonderful quote of my husband's:

 "We can't afford for my wife to work outside the home; our children are too valuable". 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lamb For Dinner?

Yes, today our two lambies Almanzo and Snow, were taken away to the butchers.  We'll all be a little sad to see them go, as we've enjoyed keeping them.  Dylan was a little upset this morning, but he understands that this is what happens on a farm, and that the this will is the fate of most farm animals.  We are so thankful to be able to raise good meat for our family to eat.  This is especially important considering the awful conditions and additives that are forced upon many commercially kept animals.

So yes, whilst I'm a little sad to wave goodbye to Almanzo and Snow, I'm looking forward to the next time we'll *meat*, when they'll look a little more like this:

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meg Is...

Meg Is...

  • ...still very much loving on her "babies" and totes them about every place, tending to their many needs.  The one dolly that she likes especially, is a battery operated "Baby Annabel"  that cries and such.  Meg loves to keep it switched on and will happily listen to its cooing and crying for the LONGEST time!   

  • ...such a funny girl and keeps as all in stitches with her antics!  She is loud and has a lot of energy, which helps her keep up with her big brother!  She loves to play and wrestle with Dad and Dylan; rough and tough games are her favourite to play.

  • ..."reading" through a STACK of books each morning as the rest of us start school.  She will flick through each page, and when she is done will plop in down onto the rug and take the next!  Usually by lunchtime there could be anywhere up to 50 books in a pile on the rug!  I think this is is so cute; she reminds me a lot of Amy at this age who used to love books too!

  • ...loving to be at church!  It is much more fun for her over the last few weeks, since she has realised, that it is far better to sit quietly and play with the books and small (noiseless) toys we bring for her, than to be "wiggly" and have to go into the hallway!  Of course she still prefers better to run around after the service has ended, hide behind the pulpit and eat a few biscuits or cookies!  :)

  • ...developing her vocabulary slowly but surely.  Her current favourite word is "mama" and it seems as though she says it MILLIONS of times a day!  Many times she will not show/tell what she wants, until she gets my FULL eye contact, and even then sometimes she just laughs at me, and flashes her cheeky smile!

  • ...loving to "practice" piano!  Usually a couple of times throughout the day she will ask to be put up on the piano stool so that she can play.  She will touch a few keys and then patiently wait for some applause!  She is such an entertainer!  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank You Daysprings Farm!

Almost two weeks ago, we were all excited to receive a package in the post!  We were so surprised to find, that we had been sent a lovely gift from Dayspring Dairy Farm!  They had very kindly sent us one of their handmade goat milk soaps.  At first we did not want to open it, because it was so prettily packaged!  We really liked the fabric wrapping particularly.

Eventually we did open it, and even though the packaging stated that the soap was "unscented", it did smell very nice.  I though the scent was clean, fresh, and it kind of reminded me of "Caramac" bars?!??  I LOVED eating them as a child...but don't worry I didn't eat the soap! ;)

We popped our soap into our downstairs shower/WC; this room is used a lot!  My husband is a part-time farmer and so, he is...well...dirty!  But oh so very handsome I might add! ;)  This plus the three kids, makes for a lot of hand washing throughout the day.  The soap lathered up nicely, cleaned effectively, and left a mild natural scent behind!  Dylan loved the fact that it was made with goats milk, and wanted to wash his hands much more often than usual...usually he tells me that boys are supposed to be dirty!  :)  We just wanted to say a big thank you to Dayspring's and let them (and you) all know how much we liked using their handmade fact we liked it SO MUCH, that it is almost GONE! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Ross Piano Festival 2012

On the 27th September, our eldest daughter Amy performed at the New Ross Piano Festival, for the very first time!  It was an exciting time for Amy, as she had been working on that one piece (in addition to her examination pieces and just-for-fun pieces) for a whole year.  During the year she has gone from needing prompting to practice, to mastering self-motivation and self-discipline in her piano studies.  Her skill has improved much over the year, though her Daddy and I are most impressed by her great attitude and character!

The New Ross Piano Festival is an annual event, at which, world renowned pianists play many concerts, over the course of four days.  The very first evening is dedicated to allowing piano students to come forth and play for fun amongst their peers, family, and the directors and organisers of the festival.  People do come from all over Ireland to enjoy this four day event! 

The first evening, is, as already stated, "student night".  Our whole family was excited to go, see and support Amy in her performance.  My parents came also to offer their love and support to Amy.  Meg had been a little under-the-weather the previous day, but was thankfully on the mend, so we decided to bring her along for the fun too!  Amy was quite nervous, although it was nearly impossible to tell, as she is a very reserved young lady!

When her turn came around, Amy mounted the stage to the impressive concert grand piano, that she would have the privilege to play!  Amy played BRILLIANTLY, her Nan and I were teary-eyed just watching!  Her nervousness did come out a little, she played her piece almost flawlessly, albeit a little too fast.  Unforunately not long after Amy played I had to take Meg home, as she was getting tired and restless, but the others were able to stay until the end and enjoy the other performances. 

My husband and I are so PROUD of Amy, and we are thankful to God for giving her this talent.  We are all looking forward to seeing how Amy uses her talent of music, to share her faith with others!   

We LOVE you Amy!  :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Odds And Ends

Yes, yes, it's been a while since I last popped in with any kind of an update on those odds and ends of the goings on around our home!  I am dreadfully behind with keeping you all up to date, and even this post was supposed to be much longer...but Saturdays are just so BUSY, that this will have to do until next week...sorry! ;)

  • Recently our Brian, Amy and I got around to watching "Courageous" the movie.  We thought it was very good...a pity that we couldn't go to the cinema and see it over here in Ireland, but we enjoyed it just the same!  Javier was everyones absolute favourite character!  What a hero!  And yes, those that know me well, will know I cried multiple times, throughout the whole movie.  I can see why some people did/would not like it, but our family did!  :)

  • Autumn is now here!  This means that by now all of our preparations for winter have been done.  Just recently the kids and I, picked all the stray sticks and twigs that were lying on our lawn, and collected them together in a big bin ready for kindling the winter fires.  My husband had already cut up lots of logs ready for firewood, and paid Dylan extra chore money, for moving it into our log pile in the garage.  Our boy worked HARD, but he did have a little helper assisting sometimes too!

  • I have begun my Christmas shopping at long last, in addition to the gift making that was started some time ago!  Every so often a mystery package will be delivered to our home, and it drives my kids completely nuts that I won't tell them what's inside!  Then I whisk the box away into my locked en-suite, away from prying eyes (hehe, yes I mean you Amy!)...until Christmas morning!  I LOVE Christmas time!  It is one of my most favourite parts of the year.  Thankfully this year, everyone in our extended families now knows we don't "do" santa, so hopefully we won't have to deal with upset and offended adult relatives! ;)

  • We are enjoying the pumpkin-y treats that we have been baking, using our canned pumpkin.  Unfortunately I neglected to take any pictures of the finished products...sorry!  The very first treats that we made, were frosted pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.  Next we made spiced, glazed pumpkin bread, which we made into both loaves and muffin versions.  We then tried our hand at a savoury recipe, and made creamy pumpkin pasta...which even my husband loved, even though pasta is not his favourite dish!  Today, Amy and I are baking pumpkin snickerdoodles for Missions Sunday tomorrow at church.  I LOVE baking with pumpkin; plus it is a vegetable so it must be healthy too right?!??

Well That's It For Now...
I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Day Tomorrow In God's House! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sermon To Share ~ Fleeing From God

My husband and I watched this sermon, just a couple of days ago...we LOVED it!  It was so convicting! 

The concept of people trying to flee from God is such a sad one.  My husband and I have discussed it a lot.  My husband also discussed the very idea (as also mentioned in the above sermon), of how true liberty comes from choosing to follow God's word in our lives, just hours before we watched this sermon!  How true! 

Before I was saved I assumed that Christians who did not participate in certain activities because of their faith, were miserably oppressed and under the rule of a I know different!

I LOVE obeying the Lord, not because it is easy for me (it nearly always isn't!), but because I LOVE Him and want to obey Him!!!  I know that true liberty comes from choosing to follow Him, and His will for my life!   I hope to never wish to flee from the Lord, but to delight in His presence always, just like the psalmist says:

Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy
 presence?  If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: 
if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.  
If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost
 parts of the sea;  Even there shall thy hand lead me,
 and thy right hand shall hold me.  If I say, 
Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night
 shall be light about me.  Yea, the darkness hideth 
not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: 
the darkness and the light are both alike to thee. 
~ Psalm 139:7-12