Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Ross Piano Festival 2012

On the 27th September, our eldest daughter Amy performed at the New Ross Piano Festival, for the very first time!  It was an exciting time for Amy, as she had been working on that one piece (in addition to her examination pieces and just-for-fun pieces) for a whole year.  During the year she has gone from needing prompting to practice, to mastering self-motivation and self-discipline in her piano studies.  Her skill has improved much over the year, though her Daddy and I are most impressed by her great attitude and character!

The New Ross Piano Festival is an annual event, at which, world renowned pianists play many concerts, over the course of four days.  The very first evening is dedicated to allowing piano students to come forth and play for fun amongst their peers, family, and the directors and organisers of the festival.  People do come from all over Ireland to enjoy this four day event! 

The first evening, is, as already stated, "student night".  Our whole family was excited to go, see and support Amy in her performance.  My parents came also to offer their love and support to Amy.  Meg had been a little under-the-weather the previous day, but was thankfully on the mend, so we decided to bring her along for the fun too!  Amy was quite nervous, although it was nearly impossible to tell, as she is a very reserved young lady!

When her turn came around, Amy mounted the stage to the impressive concert grand piano, that she would have the privilege to play!  Amy played BRILLIANTLY, her Nan and I were teary-eyed just watching!  Her nervousness did come out a little, she played her piece almost flawlessly, albeit a little too fast.  Unforunately not long after Amy played I had to take Meg home, as she was getting tired and restless, but the others were able to stay until the end and enjoy the other performances. 

My husband and I are so PROUD of Amy, and we are thankful to God for giving her this talent.  We are all looking forward to seeing how Amy uses her talent of music, to share her faith with others!   

We LOVE you Amy!  :)


aurie good said...

How lovely that you were all able to share with her :)

Kimmie said...

Wonderful. Great job, Amy!