Saturday, October 6, 2012

Odds And Ends

Yes, yes, it's been a while since I last popped in with any kind of an update on those odds and ends of the goings on around our home!  I am dreadfully behind with keeping you all up to date, and even this post was supposed to be much longer...but Saturdays are just so BUSY, that this will have to do until next week...sorry! ;)

  • Recently our Brian, Amy and I got around to watching "Courageous" the movie.  We thought it was very good...a pity that we couldn't go to the cinema and see it over here in Ireland, but we enjoyed it just the same!  Javier was everyones absolute favourite character!  What a hero!  And yes, those that know me well, will know I cried multiple times, throughout the whole movie.  I can see why some people did/would not like it, but our family did!  :)

  • Autumn is now here!  This means that by now all of our preparations for winter have been done.  Just recently the kids and I, picked all the stray sticks and twigs that were lying on our lawn, and collected them together in a big bin ready for kindling the winter fires.  My husband had already cut up lots of logs ready for firewood, and paid Dylan extra chore money, for moving it into our log pile in the garage.  Our boy worked HARD, but he did have a little helper assisting sometimes too!

  • I have begun my Christmas shopping at long last, in addition to the gift making that was started some time ago!  Every so often a mystery package will be delivered to our home, and it drives my kids completely nuts that I won't tell them what's inside!  Then I whisk the box away into my locked en-suite, away from prying eyes (hehe, yes I mean you Amy!)...until Christmas morning!  I LOVE Christmas time!  It is one of my most favourite parts of the year.  Thankfully this year, everyone in our extended families now knows we don't "do" santa, so hopefully we won't have to deal with upset and offended adult relatives! ;)

  • We are enjoying the pumpkin-y treats that we have been baking, using our canned pumpkin.  Unfortunately I neglected to take any pictures of the finished products...sorry!  The very first treats that we made, were frosted pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.  Next we made spiced, glazed pumpkin bread, which we made into both loaves and muffin versions.  We then tried our hand at a savoury recipe, and made creamy pumpkin pasta...which even my husband loved, even though pasta is not his favourite dish!  Today, Amy and I are baking pumpkin snickerdoodles for Missions Sunday tomorrow at church.  I LOVE baking with pumpkin; plus it is a vegetable so it must be healthy too right?!??

Well That's It For Now...
I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Day Tomorrow In God's House! :)

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Nikki said...

I was thrilled to see that you had updated. :) Loved all your pictures. We made a big batch of Pumpkin Snickerdoodles yesterday and then today cooked up a sheet. I found if I make up the dough and then cook one sheet at a time they lost a lot longer in this house. Thanks for the update on your family.