Friday, October 26, 2012

Public School Books Aren't That Bad?!??

In Ireland homeschooling is still very rare.  We know very few people who choose to do it, even less are those who choose to do it in obedience to God's word.  Our family feels that it is God's will for ALL parents to educate their own children, in the things of the Lord. 

However we do not believe that this is limited to merely religious instruction, but EVERYTHING!  Biology, Languages, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics...etc, what are these things, if not all created by Him?  Are all these things not God's also?  Please do not feel that I am "looking down" upon Christian families that don't homeschool, I'm certainly not.  Though I do think that God's word is clear on this; however that issue is between them and the Lord...not them and me! ;)

When we began homeschooling, we chose to use state text books to help us along, as we knew of NO OTHER family at that time of whom we could ask advice.  We figured "How bad could they really be?"  (To note again for those who are new to reading here: there are NO Christian curriculum choices available for Irish people, if we now choose these for our family, we have to have them shipped from the U.S)

Last year my  husband and I discussed our approach to homeschooling, and whether what we were doing was pleasing to the Lord or not.  We felt like we had identified areas that needed attention, others that were good, and made the necessary changes. 

This year our eldest daughter began to do Galloping the Globe (the geography curriculum which we are doing as a family) at her own level; though my husband and I wished for her to still maintain her studies in Irish geography using a state text book.  This was a mistake on our part.  I pray to God that He will give us discernment, to avoid mistakes like this again in the future.

Just recently Amy brought her (state approved) geography text book, to show me something she had found that was "bad" .  I took a look...

Better education facilities often lead to lower birthrates.  People who are literate are more likely to understand and take part in family planning schemes aimed at reducing birth rates.  Educated women are more likely to work outside the home, rather than have large families.

  • In Germany and Ireland, education is compulsory and of a high standard.  Many couples plan small families so that both men and women can have careers outside the home.
  • Many poorer Brazilians, especially poorer women, receive little formal education and seldom of they have the option of pursuing a career.  They tend instead to have large families.
  The Place Of Women In Society

When women enjoy equality with men, they are empowered to make more decisions relating to their own lives an lifestyles.  In general, as the decision making power of women increases, birthrates tend to decrease.

  • In countries such as Ireland and Germany, improved education and awareness of equality has resulted in general equality between males and females.  Women can normally choose family planning and to work outside the home.  This results in falling birth rates.  Forty years ago,  Irish mothers had an average of four children.  they now have an average of under two.  

 I was grieved to find that we had completely failed to notice this disgusting feminazi, socialist propaganda in our review of her books.  The whole chapter of "world population" was laced with the same type of worldly garbage.  In a later chapter the book celebrated China's industrial development, and cited their one-child policy as one reason why China's industry was thriving!  It makes me sad to think that children all over our nation are having their minds poisoned by this type of "education". 

Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you
 seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become
 a fool, that he may be wise.  For the wisdom of this
 world is foolishness with God. For it is written,
 He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.
 ~ 1 Corinthians 3:18-19

According to this state approved text book, empowered women want less children?  Only the poor and uneducated have large families?  Ireland has a good education system?  And since when, did making ones country comparable with Germany become a good thing?  There are so many things in the above textbook excerpt that are false, misleading, and just plain stupid; that I simply do not have time to cover even most of them.  Though upon reflection these statements shouldn't be so surprising, considering that the Irish "minister for education" is a self confessed atheist, who wants public schools to teach acceptance of homosexuals and other disgusting immoral things.

God's word is perfect, and teaches that we are all created equal: male and female.  Though each gender has different qualities and responsibilities certainly.  Women can only become "empowered" and "enjoy equality", through following God's will for their lives, as set out for us in the Bible!  

As Christian parents we cannot afford to lose our children to the world; they are too precious.  We are to train them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Irish, Christian mothers, I encourage you to take up your God given responsibilities at home, and educate your children in the things of the Lord!  However this post serves as a reminder that the "State" always directly opposes God and His word, and we as parents, have to be ever vigilant to protect our childrens minds...even at home!

To bring this post to a close, I'll leave you with this wonderful quote of my husband's:

 "We can't afford for my wife to work outside the home; our children are too valuable". 


Karen R. said...

WOW! I can't believe this is the kind of garbage they are putting in text books now. How wonderful though that your daughter was able to instantly discern that it was bad and bring it to you to discuss. It's interesting..I actually had a lot of friends who because they went to college and got into quite a huge debt load to do it, felt they just had to work outside the home to justify it and pay it off therefore they only had one child if any. I think given the choice they would rather stay home and have more children if it weren't for all the pressure from parents who might have paid for it or spouses to pay it off. I know one friend in particular who has regrets over her choices and wishes she had more than one but it's almost like a trap..expensive college degree to pay off, expensive child care cost so they only had one. I tell my husband he is a picture of Christ in our marriage because he took upon all my (student loan) debt when he married me and is now paying it off for me ;) He feels like your husbands quote too!

~SALLY~ said...

This is why it is so important to home school. It is good that your children can recognize the leaven when they see it!!

I am appauled by the homosexuality that is being promoted too...not just in the classroom, but also in the books for children that are NOT in school yet!!

sage_brush said...

This is monstrous! How do the "kingdom now" (Kingdom Age)folks and the Preterists explain this away? How could this evil possibly be part of the blissful Millennium?

Good grief - the kingdom of Antichrist is growing exponentially! We used Abeka Academy for 20 years in our homeschool, and couldn't be happier. While not perfect - we never had to worry about the things contained in government/one-world/one religion indoctrination publications.

Bornagain Soldier said...

I was wondering what you were going to say when I read the title of the blog, coz I personally know Charles Hayes. He has been a friend of my fathers since I was a little boy but I haven't seen him in many years. You got him in one when you said this.

"disgusting feminazi, socialist propaganda"

Charles is the perfect example of what the Irish education system is all about "Satanic Brainwashing".

Now I could see that before I ever got saved 18 months ago and we have always home schooled. It is very hard to get good books in Ireland especially ones for young children, because of the Satanic and occult pictures and story's contained in the state primary level books. The state curriculum books for young children are full of witchcraft and they even have Harry Potter and C.S. Lewis on the reading list. I have a friend who got saved after me and his mother is a teacher and she was disgusted at the new speak the principle of the school is insisting the children use. They are attempting to get the Children to drop gender words and replace them with the word "being". So instead of them saying he or she told me to do such and such they are supposed to say: The Being told me to do such and such. Satanic, New Age, homosexual lingo, what will they being having them change it to next? They do these things by increments and not giant leaps. I think Aldous Huxley a Brave New World is exactly how they plan on having it in the future.

No wounder Holloween has become almost as big a Christmas in this country the young people are all being indoctrinated into Satanism in the class room. We live in a housing estate and I am just dreading Halloween, the costumes are so demonic I can't even stand to walk into the supermarket at this time of years let alone take my Children with me.

Best Regards


Kerri said...

Linking a "better education" with lower birth rates doesn't even make sense logically. Only stupid people like their own children and want to have more of them? For a text book to state these "facts" just proves they aren't teaching logic or critical thinking. It's almost laughable if it weren't so sad that the students believe all this garbage!
Isaiah 5:20-21
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto [them that are] wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
Look for an email from me for some other thoughts on this topic. ;o)

Sarah said...

Karen R ~ I think most people in Ireland would not think there was anything wrong with the words I quoted from this book! That for me, is the scariest part! I LOVE your new profile picture. So cute with baby Genesis! :)

Sally ~ I haven't seen anything of that nature aimed at anyone so young in this country yet. But that doesn't mean it isn't out there...perhaps we've just been blessed enough to avoid it!

Sage_brush ~ Monstrous it is! There has been an enourmous shift in Ireland over the last two years definitely. My husband and I were originally concerned of buying all of our curriculum from the U.S, which obviously concentrates on American geography, history and literature. We now agree that we simply have no other choice, but to buy it and make up the rest via good use of SCREENED library books. Thank you for commenting!

Bornagain Soldier ~ Are you and your family living here in Ireland? If so, I'm very pleasantly surprised! I'm thankful for other born-again believers in our country, who love the Lord, and are seeking to walk with Him everday! In our country this is a rare thing! :)

Halloween is certainly becoming very popular here. Our relatives think we are crazy for not participating in it! Thanks for your comment!

Kerri ~ Isaiah 5:20-21 is a very appropriate verse to apply here! I'll look for your email. :)

Nora L said...

hi sarah,
this comment might be a bit unedited so i apologise in advance for this as my little baby will need me shortly:-))
I agree with you totaly about this book and his History one is similar.
we have the new complete geography(we got it at a second hand shop) ,and i use it as a refernce sometimes to look up physical Geography features,but i've noticed it really lacks content and explanations on these features so we generally have to go further to encyclopedias and the internet.We are a Christian home-schooling family too ..
I used one of Charlie Hayes editions when I was in school studying Geography for my Junior certi which was in 1996 and it had far more details and explanations,it's so dumbed down since i was 15,it's shocking really.Of course not to mention it's pure Feminist slant and promoting China as a great example of success is scary.
Young people are growing up thinking that marriage,birth and babies are a ba
d thing,and moreover that birth is pain and needs medication ,not a natural process that can take place in the comfort of your own home.I've had 3 lovely home-births.It's sad the brain washing that young people are afflicted with.
I love your husbands statement " I can't afford for my wife to work outside the home;our children are too valuable" that is so true brilliant..
Hallowe'en is so big in the estate where we live one family even has 2 huge window sized silhouette type images of a man holding a knife with blood and the rest of the murder scene,it's disgusting,but thankfully we don't have to walk right past that house there is a green between us ,and my children can't make it out from that distance i tell them not to look anyway too and probably wouldn't be able to even up close as they have never seen such things they haven't watched DVD's or television to be desensitized to those images.It's horrible.
I have read about Galloping the globe in Zsuzsanna Andersons blog I have yet to comment there,it sounds excellent but i thought it was only available for small children could you let me know what age it goes up to,i would greatly appreciate it.Thank you.
God bless

Sarah said...

Nora L ~ Galloping the Globe is great, our family are enjoying it so much! However it states on the book that it is from K4-Grade 4. So it is not technically for someone of Amy's age, but the way we do it is like this: We all work together and Dylan completes relatively simple work concerning each country and Amy just goes much more in depth. For example: we are currently studying India; in addition to ther things, Amy has researched and composed an essay on the "caste" system, and how it is in opposition to Bible teachings...etc. We are finding that this is working well for us!

It is a blessing to me to hear from fellow Irish Christian home schooling mothers!! :)

1HappyWife said...

My little girls are waiting to play a game with me but I had to tell you that my husband and I just LOVE your husbands quote :).
Hope you are having a great week!