Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thank You Daysprings Farm!

Almost two weeks ago, we were all excited to receive a package in the post!  We were so surprised to find, that we had been sent a lovely gift from Dayspring Dairy Farm!  They had very kindly sent us one of their handmade goat milk soaps.  At first we did not want to open it, because it was so prettily packaged!  We really liked the fabric wrapping particularly.

Eventually we did open it, and even though the packaging stated that the soap was "unscented", it did smell very nice.  I though the scent was clean, fresh, and it kind of reminded me of "Caramac" bars?!??  I LOVED eating them as a child...but don't worry I didn't eat the soap! ;)

We popped our soap into our downstairs shower/WC; this room is used a lot!  My husband is a part-time farmer and so, he is...well...dirty!  But oh so very handsome I might add! ;)  This plus the three kids, makes for a lot of hand washing throughout the day.  The soap lathered up nicely, cleaned effectively, and left a mild natural scent behind!  Dylan loved the fact that it was made with goats milk, and wanted to wash his hands much more often than usual...usually he tells me that boys are supposed to be dirty!  :)  We just wanted to say a big thank you to Dayspring's and let them (and you) all know how much we liked using their handmade fact we liked it SO MUCH, that it is almost GONE! 


Nicole said...

So glad the package arrived and that you all enjoyed the soap! We continue to make new batches of soap and hope to improve in different areas. But I am glad you liked it :) And that was a lovely post about it, you certainly didn't need to do that... but I thank you!
Hope you are all having a great week! We sure are. I thought about you a LOT this week as the missionaries that came to our missions conference were going to Ireland to plant churches!!

Sarah said...

Great news about the missionaries coming to Ireland.! If you have their details (I think you have my email?), we would love to pray for them!

According to recent statistics, about 1% of Irish people are saved, born again believers!!!! It is a very difficult country to witness in. One missionary couple family has been here since 1979 (Bob and Kathi Zemeski) and they have touched MANY lives. I'm planning to post about it soon.