Monday, November 5, 2012

Dylan's 5th Birthday!

Early Morning Birthday Boy

Last week on the 31st of October, we celebrated Dylan's 5th birthday!!!  We started out our morning watching Dylan happily opening his birthday cards and gifts.  Whilst I got myself dressed and ready for the day, the other guys opened up Dylan's electronics set, and made up some of the experiments!

Amy Helping Dylan By Reading Out The Birthday Cards

Happy Kids And A Sleepy Dad

Tractor Ted!


The First Experiment

Now The Bigger People Want To Play Help!

Then whilst I got breakfast ready, Dad, Dylan and Meg watched the "Tractor Ted - Big Machines" DVD in the sitting room.  Meg quickly got bored watching and came to help me in the kitchen; she is such a good helper!  Dylan asked to have pancakes for his birthday breakfast; in addition to that, we also had chocolate dipped strawberries (made by Amy), and a very refreshing elderflower cordial.


Watching The Big Machines On Tractor Ted

My Little Helper Girl

After breakfast the guys went out to do some farm chores and Amy, Meg and I cleaned the kitchen and did some housework.  Daddy said that we would take Dylan and the rest of the family to a very nice cafe in town for Dylan's birthday lunch. What a treat that was...this particular cafe has AMAZING food!  It also doubles a health food store as it is one of my favourite places to visit! :)  After we had eaten that delicious lunch we drove home and Meg went promptly to bed, as it was waaaaaaaaaay past nap time! 

Nanny, Grandad, Amy, Daddy and Uncle Tom!

After Meg had gone to sleep, I offered to help Dylan put together the John Deere jigsaw he had received.  We had just gotten all the outlines done, when my parents and brother came around to wish Dylan a "Happy Birthday" and give their cards and gift!  Dylan was VERY HAPPY with the Lego set from them, as you can tell from the photos! :)

I LOVE This Picture!

Later that evening we had an older couple come to look at a boiler my husband was selling, so we brought them in for tea and we were pleased to find out that they were Christians! I was so busy chatting with the wife that I forgot all about our dinner...which subsequently became "caramelized"!!!!  After they had driven away (with the boiler) we sat down to an interesting dinner.  We were just finishing up when an old work friend of mine called by to see Dylan on his birthday!  He brought Dylan a wonderful and very generous gift of a wooden play tractor/cattle shed, which we set up the following day.  After visiting for a while, I redeemed my reputation as a good cook, by bringing out Dylan's birthday cake! 

Two days before, our family (actually Brian was delayed and didn't make it) had attended a fellowship lunch at our Pastor's home.  There a lovely friend gifted me with a can of Libby's pumpkin, which she had found in a shop in the city!  I was so thankful, as I had wanted to make Dylan a pumpkin cake...but had ran out weeks earlier and I had forgotten to order more in time for his birthday!  So thankfully my friends kindness saved the day, and Dylan was able to have pumpkin cake after all!  It was SO GOOD! 

The John Deere Tractor And Slurry Spreader Jigsaw Is Finished!

Happy 5th Birthday To Our Sweet Boy!  You Are Such A Joy And A Blessing! 


1HappyWife said...

Happy Birthday Dylan!!!
Thank you so much for sharing the day with us :).

Lovelace Family Blog said...

Happy Birthday Dylan! I hope he had a great day. :) The cake is so cute and looks like you all had so much fun celebrating his special day!!!

God Bless,

Kerri said...

What a wonderful birthday Dylan had! He looks like a very happy boy!
Sarah you are probably going to get tired of my questions but your posts are just so interesting to me... So here's my question, why don't you have canned pumpkin in Ireland? My guess is that because it's not a part of a traditional meal (American Thanksgiving)it's not a popular item or in demand. Am I right? It makes me wonder what other items we take for granted that other countries don't have and vice versa. Blessings!

Sarah said...

Duska ~ Thanks for your comment! He did have a GREAT day! :)

Kerri ~ Ha, not at all, I love questions! :)

You are right, pumpkin is not something that a lot of Irish people eat. Even in our large extended family, I have heard that when they carve pumpkins for this time of year, they simply throw out the flesh because they have no idea what to do with it!!!

I think that a lot of people stick with vegetables that they "know" like potatoes, cabbage and carrots. We eat a lot of those too, but when others are available organically I snap them up. My favourite veggies are leeks and parsnips! :)

His bondservant said...


So glad to catch up with you and your sweet family again. Happy birthday to Dylan! So glad things are going well with you!


Anonymous said...

He looks like a happy boy , I love the cake it looks yummy and muddy it's cute :)