Friday, November 2, 2012

New Chooks!

Last week my husband and Dylan brought home new "chooks"!!

We each got to pick a name: Bluey, Rusty, Nugget and Tokyo!

This chicken is my all-time favourite...she is so pretty!

A very happy little farmer brought this home the very next afternoon!


Kerri said...

I've never heard chickens called "chooks", is that an Irish thing or a family thing? Also, who named one nugget? I like their sense of humor! I think the grey one is the prettiest too. Getting an egg right away is great! Now what will you cook with it?

Sarah said...

Kerri ~ Ha! "Nugget" is the chicken I named...I thought it was pretty funny too! When I was a teenager living at home, we had two pet ducks; one called "Peking" and one named "Crispy"! ;)

As for the word "chooks", it is actually a word that many Australians use for chickens. :)

Nicole said...

Wow..that grey one is really neat. I don't know chickens that well, but still not sure Ive ever seen that kind before. What kind is it?
Dylan looks happy to have the first egg :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so happy for you! Beautiful chickens! We want chickens so bad, but we have to wait until we move. Hopefully by next summer we'll be eating fresh eggs from our own chickens.