Friday, November 23, 2012

"The Gospel Of Bono"

My husband and I watched this sermon via the Internet just a couple of weeks ago; it was so good!  We both learned a lot!  This topic has been especially relevant in our home just recently, as it has been an issue that we have been aware of, as we have been reviewing our home school curriculum.  If you'll remember, a few weeks ago I blogged about an Irish State approved geography book that our family still owned.  This book, in addition to one or two others, was also littered with many untruths regarding the United Nations and their "philanthropic" ideologies.  You'll be glad to know those books are no longer in use...I know I am!  I will be blogging separately about our family's decisions regarding our school materials very if you're interested, stay tuned!   Until then, I hope you find this sermon as enjoyable, challenging and informative as we did! :)

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