Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

This Christmas has been described by every member of our family, as "the most PERFECT Christmas ever!".  It really has been just that.  This year more than any other year, our whole family was focused on celebrating the birth of our Saviour!  We enjoyed spending every minute together; the kids and I especially enjoyed having Daddy home much more than usual. 

Mmmm, Chocolate For Breakfast!

Daddy's DVD Made It Just In Time!
...We watched it Christmas night with Amy - It was GREAT!

Our morning started with Dylan climbing into bed with us at around 8am.  We cuddled and chatted with him for a little while, until at last going to wake the girls.  We filed downstairs and each excited face took turns opening a gift each.  Meg understood a little more of the excitement this year, as opposed to last year when she simply played with the wrapping paper!  Our gift for Meg, was an adorable handmade dolly, I will be blogging seperately and reviewing this.  I was amazed at the patience and self-control of the little kids, who opened each gift slowly in turn, and played with it for a long while, before opening the rest.  It took them all day to open each one of their gifts!

Meg's Gift From Amy

Can You Guess What It Is?

Nothing Beats Sharing Daddy's Tea

At last Amy got to open her special gift from her Daddy and I, which was a new laptop, she was so moved that she actually cried...a lot!  It was very sweet to see her deep appreciation. 

Once Amy had finished opening her gifts and the little kids were otherwise occupied, Daddy and I had a relaxing cup tea (my husband tried out the new coffee substitute that I had gotten him!) before I got breakfast on.  Breakfast was small and quick, as no one was really hungry at all.  That might have had something to do with the fact, that they had eaten quite a bit of chocolate before breakfast!  

She Looks Excited!

Don't Cry Amy, You're Supposed To Be Happy!

Thank You Dad!

My Gift From Everyone!

Tractor Ted DVD...

For the rest of the morning we got dressed and enjoyed a visit from my parents and brother.  They stayed for an hour or so and we exchanged gifts with them also.  Normally my parents and brother join us for Christmas dinner, but this year they decided to stay at home.  At this stage I put Meg to bed for a nap, as it had gotten well past nap time and she was a little cranky.  For the next hour or so we played, talked and generally had a lovely time until it was time to cook the dinner. 

Would You Like A Spot Of Tea?

On Christmas Eve my "peeler extraordinaire" (a.k.a Amy) and I, prepared nearly all the food that we would be cooking, so it was very quick and easy getting the dinner ready the on Christmas day itself.  This year I made my own bread stuffing for the first time, which was absolutely delicious.  Plus, I also ditched the MSG ridden "Bisto" gravy and made my own with the turkey stock and absolutely no nasties.  Also a few days before Christmas, I was able to get my hands on some organic sprouts which I was delighted about.  Christmas just isn't Christmas without sprouts!  Here was what we had on our Christmas menu:

Glazed Ham with Cloves
Mashed Potatoes with Cream
Sage and Onion Bread Stuffing
Yorkshire Puddings
Homemade Cranberry Sauce
Turkey Gravy

Dylan Testing Out His New Rake

Once all the food was cooked, I kept it warm in the oven, whilst we had a family hymn time.  What a blessed time that was!  We sing a lot at home as a family, but it was extra special to sing together at Christmas time.  At this stage Meg had not long woken from her nap and was not feeling as "chirpy" as the rest of the family, so she sat and listened instead.  Daddy then read to us from the Bible, talked about Christmas time and prayed with us.  We then sat down to the yummiest Christmas dinner.  At the end of the day everyone agreed that this had been the BEST Christmas ever!!!


Such A Cutie, Even When She Is A Little Cranky!

Family Hymn Time

We Hope You All Had A Wonderful Christmas!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Crafting, Cookies And Cakes!

Glazed, Spiced Pumpkin Muffins

Here are a few of our random pictures from the week before Christmas.  I hope you enjoy them!

Cute Ornaments

My Dashing Helper And My Trusty Kenwood,
That Worked Tirelessly All Christmas!

Dylan Was Demonstrating His Reading Skills For Grandad...
Whilst Meg Pinched His Tea!

Dylan Toasting In Front Of The Fire,
 Whilst Listening To "Farmer Boy" On Audio

Christmas Tracts From Our Church

Christmas Cookie (With Tract) Bags To Hand out

Making Festive Lacing Cards

Lacing Fun

Cream Cheese Frosting...He Really Didn't!


Sweet Sisters

My "Twenty-Eleventh" Birthday

Early Birds!

Just over a week ago I celebrated my "twenty-eleventh" birthday.   The kids were so excited, as they had several special things planned for me.  First on the list, was a special breakfast in bed, which consisted of plenty of cookies/biscuits and tea.  Amy made a beautiful card for me from each of the kids, which were very special.  She had put so much effort into making them, and had carefully chosen to incorporate things she knew I liked.  Thank you Amy!  Both she and Dylan had each picked and wrapped a gift for me.  Dylan used a lot of tape to wrap his was quite the task to open it!   My hubby bought me some lovely scented candles, and treated us all to lunch out at my favourite cafe.  It was such a wonderful birthday, and I felt so blessed by my loving husband and children!

Thoughtful Gifts

A Happy, Handsome Hubby! 

A Sleepy Meg

Amy's Lovely Handmade Card

A Bed Full Of Blessings!