Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm Excited!!!

Yes, I'm excited!!  When you find out what I'm excited about, you'll roll your eyes, because it probably won't be very exciting to most of you...

Yesterday our nice postman brought me a big, heavy sack from Amazon.  What was in it?  It was a huge sack of flour of course!  Hehe!  If you remember my "wheaty wonderings" a few months ago, you'll know that I shared about not being able to find "wholewheat" flour anywhere in Ireland.  We can get "wholemeal" that is very coarse and heavy, and we can get degermed, bleached brilliantly white, all-purpose flour in the supermarkets, but that is about it.

Well I had literally given up, when one day about a week or two ago, I was browsing Amazon and I saw that I could get a 25 kilo sack of stoneground, organic, white flour for a very reasonable price.  Plus I could have it delivered from the U.K to Ireland for FREE!!!  Wowza, I jumped at the chance!

Yesterday when I opened my bag, I was in for a very nice surprise...I have flour that is as close to wholewheat as I'm likely to get!!!  It looks similar to all-purpose (just like the wholewheat that I've seen in pictures) only not bright white, more browny/white and if I look closely, I can see flecks of bran in there too!  Now that I've double checked online, the manufacturer does actually state that most of the bran has been sifted out but my flour, but it contains ALL of the germ.  I'm still absolutely delighted!  The things we grown-ups get excited about!  :)

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