Friday, December 28, 2012

My "Twenty-Eleventh" Birthday

Early Birds!

Just over a week ago I celebrated my "twenty-eleventh" birthday.   The kids were so excited, as they had several special things planned for me.  First on the list, was a special breakfast in bed, which consisted of plenty of cookies/biscuits and tea.  Amy made a beautiful card for me from each of the kids, which were very special.  She had put so much effort into making them, and had carefully chosen to incorporate things she knew I liked.  Thank you Amy!  Both she and Dylan had each picked and wrapped a gift for me.  Dylan used a lot of tape to wrap his was quite the task to open it!   My hubby bought me some lovely scented candles, and treated us all to lunch out at my favourite cafe.  It was such a wonderful birthday, and I felt so blessed by my loving husband and children!

Thoughtful Gifts

A Happy, Handsome Hubby! 

A Sleepy Meg

Amy's Lovely Handmade Card

A Bed Full Of Blessings!


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! I LOVE your tea tray. :)So pretty. How sweet of Amy to make such nice cards. We love Peter Rabbit. Loved all your pictures.

Nicole Pelkey said...

Happy birthday!!! Looks so special. Surrounded by the ones you love! So blessed!!

1HappyWife said...

A VERY Happy (late) Birthday to you young friend :)!!! Sounds like it was a very special day with all your wonderful blessings :)!!

I am a robot :( ... trying again!

sarah in the woods said...

Happy birthday! I like the sound of twenty-eleven better than 31. I'll have to use that.
Aren't sweet, thoughtful big girls just the best?

aurie good said...

Happy Birthday :) What a lovely way to celebrate the day!