Thursday, December 20, 2012

She Did It Again!!!

Just a couple of weeks ago, Amy sat her grade three piano examination.  Hours and hours of hard work goes into preparing for these exams.  This year my husband and I have been so proud of Amy's self-motivation and determination!  The time after each examination can be tense; worry sets in, doubt arises and it really makes matters worse, to have to wait for weeks to get the results in the post.  This year however, the post came early...

She did it again; Amy passed with honours!!!

Amy has a couple of musical projects that she is preparing for and enjoying.  We are thankful for Amy's gift of music; such a beautiful way to praise God, and bless and encourage other too! :)

Well done Amy, Daddy and I are so proud of you!


Nikki said...

Congratulations Amy!!! That sure is exciting. Love from all of us, The R family

Selah said...

Great job, Amy! You've actually inspired me to start playing again!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Lovelace Family Blog said...

Way to go Amy, that is awesome. Congratulations and Merry Christmas to your family from ours. :)