Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meet "Dorian"!

Just before Christmas, we had a special delivery on our farm.  One of our oldest "girls" had a heifer calf, which we named Dorian.  My husband picked the name on account of her grey colour.  These pictures really don't do any justice to how pretty this calf is!  Welcome to the herd Dorian!


~SALLY~ said...

Congrats!! How special to get a grey that typical for calves? Will she turn dark or is this the color she will be?

Nicole Pelkey said...

So cute! Congrats on the new calf :)

Mrs. Josh said...

What a beautiful calf Sarah. What kind of cows do you have? My husband was curious how many you have? Is your husband a farmer at home or does he work away too? A lot of questions there.
Hope you are all doing well. :)

Sarah in Ireland said...

Sally ~ Thank you, she is an Aberdeen Angus crossed with a Charolais, so her being lightly coloured isn't unusual. However most of our cows are Aberdeen Angus (fully black), so she is unusual for us! :)

Nicole ~ Thanks!

Nikki ~ As I mentioned above, we usually have only Aberdeen Angus cows, however now we have some different types of crosses in our herd. Angus are still my favourite though! My husband works full-time outside the home. Farming is something he does mostly for fun, it does provide a small additional income though which is nice! :)

Thank you for your comments