Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meg's Ladybird Birthday

First of all, my apologies on letting this post go unpublished for so long!  I have had very little time to blog lately, but here it is, better late than never I guess.  So yes, our sweet Meg turned TWO on the last day of December!  Unfortunately Meg was suffering from another bout of croup on the Sunday evening and was still poorly on the day of her birthday, so we postponed everything until the following day.  It worked out great as she was greatly improved by mid-afternoon on the Monday and plus, because we waited, my husband would get to be home for the whole day, on the day we actually celebrated Meg's birthday.

I had planned to do a special breakfast...but that didn't quite turn out as planned, so we enjoyed some homemade granola instead!  Meg was so funny about her gift; she did not want to open it at all!!!  She was so distracted with the labybird balloons, that she fussed everytime we showed her the gift box instead...  Eventually she did open it with some help from a certain eager sibling, who then promptly showed her how to use it, whilst she went back to her balloon play!

My parents and brother came over for a time, to visit with Meg and to wish her happy birthday.  We then got about our usual chores and had a light lunch, Meg went up for her nap a little earlier on account of her still needing to rest after her illness.  Whilst she napped, Amy and I made the New Years dinner, which consisted of: home-reared roast lamb, mashed potatoes, sprouts, carrots, stuffing and gravy!  Delicious!

After that delicious dinner we cleared up the mess, until it was time for cake!!  This cake was definitely the most adventurous cake I have ever attempted - decoration wise.  I made it according to our usual pumpkin cake recipe, except that we had no pumpkin so I substituted with grated carrot instead.  The cake was 100% wholewheat with only organic ingredients...I tell you that to displace some of the guilt I felt, in having to use so much food colourant in the cream cheese frosting! :(  I have tried to get the natural colourants from India Tree, BUT Amazon.com won't ship it to my address.  Anyway, the cake looked great, and tasted delicious, despite the fact that everyones teeth and tongues turned black after eating it!!!

After a full day of playing with her doting siblings, visiting, wrestling with Dad, reading, eating cake and causing mischief, Meg was a VERY tired girl at bedtime!  Our littlest girl is such a blessing to our family and brings us so much joy, we are so thankful to God for her!  :)

Happy 2nd Birthday To Our Sweet Meg!


1HappyWife said...

Happy (late) birthday Meg!!!! Your new ladybug looks like lots of fun :)! Your cake came out ADORABLE. Our Gracie's 1st birthday theme was ladybugs too.

Nicole Pelkey said...

Happy birthday, Meg!! The cake is Soooo cute. Bailey had a ladybug party when she turned four :) so much fun! She just recently saw old pictures back on the blog and talked about how fun her ladybug party was. Every little girl should have a ladybug party!!
Your looks like a great one!
Happy 2nd Birthday big girl!!!

Kerri said...

You did a great job decorating the cake, Sarah! The look on her face while Daddy is showing it to her is priceless. As usual, I have a question... ;o)You call them ladybirds? As you probably noticed from the previous comments in the US we call them ladybugs. Back in the 60s we had a President who's wife had the nickname of Ladybird Johnson so when I saw the title of this post I thought it had something to do with her! :o)It's always so fun to read about your lives. Blessings!