Sunday, February 24, 2013

In The Kitchen And Outside Too!

What A Beautiful View!

The Girls And I Recently Tried A New  
Wholewheat Dinner-Roll Recipe - They Were Delicious!

My Smallest Kitchen Helper

Miss Meg Is A Little Photo-Phobic!

Valentines Cookies - They Were So Good
With Butter Cream And Jam Inside!

As Bible Believers We Do Not Observe Lent,
However We Still Participate In "Pancake Day" The Tuesday Before.  

...Who Wouldn't Want Another Excuse To Eat More Pancakes!

Meg Was The Chief Batter Mixer

We Ate Stacks Of Pancake For Lunch With The Below Dish
And Oodles Of Maple Syrup!

Coconut Covered Banana Pieces,
Eventually Smothered In White Chocolate
And Eaten With Our Pancakes - Yum!


What Does Every Mother Dream Of Seeing Her Five Year Old Doing?

Using A Hatchet To Chop Wood

My Husband Allowed Dylan To Do This "Chore",
...I Nearly Had Heart Failure When I Saw!

He Actually Did This Job Very Safely,
And Was Delighted To Have Produced Some Wood Chips,
That He Was Convinced Would Keep Our Family Warm All Winter!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Runaways!

For the past six weeks or so, two sheep have been hanging around our home.  They ran away from a neighbouring farm, and had taken up residence in our farm and garden.  After five weeks the farmer finally came to retreive them, but within two days of him herding them home, they were BACK!

Our kids thought it was so funny that they came back to us!  This time just a few days later, the farmer came and took them away again, and at this stage they haven't returned.  To be honest I actually miss seeing them eating our lawn and newly budding shrubs!  Anyway, even though they are gone, I wanted to share these photos as I thought they were cute! :)


Friday, February 15, 2013

And Every Creeping Thing...

Interacting With The Animals
...Check Out The Yucky Snake Skin Hanging From The Ceiling!

Yesterday, our family took a trip to the Reptile Village in Gowran, County Kilkenny.  We had an awesome time there, and it was made extra special as a few friends from our church were able to come too!

There Was A Handsome Boy On Exhibit!

Not To Mention This Little Energy Bug!

It Was Really Neat To Learn About The Animals,
Except The Part About "Millions Of Years Ago..."!!!


I Didn't Really Like The Snakes And Spiders,
But This Bearded Dragon Was Really Cute

Meg Liked The Lizards Most, As They Were The Most Active

Meg, Dylan And A Friend

This Guy Was Meg's Favourite, They Brought Him Into The Petting Area
At The End, But I Had Packed The Camera Away!  He Was So Funny!

Meg Had A Lot Of Fun Running About,
And The Boys Enjoyed Burning Off All Their Energy

All Of Our Kids Petted This Snake...But It Gave Me The Creeps!
It Was Enormous! *shudder*


Visiting The Reptile Village Was Great!  We All Had A Wonderful Time
And Are Looking Forward To Going Again In The Future!

Sincerely Wrong

This is the latest "brilliant" sermon that my husband and I watched.  We have watched many, many good ones over the last two and a half years that we have listened to Faithful Word Baptist Church sermons...but I still like to post our favourites here to share with you all.  I won't ramble on so, about this one, except simply encourage you to make time to listen/watch it!  :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dare To Go Bare?

No, I'm not talking about walking around naked!  I'm talking about venturing into the world fresh faced and "bare" of make up!  Ha, I knew that would scare you! 

Normally I do not wear make-up, but there are days that I still choose to.  My husband is not against me wearing make-up, but he does prefer me to not wear it.  I personally, am not against wearing make-up in general, but I do have issue with some of the reasons why some ladies wear it.  Additionally, I will say that I am totally against make-up that has been badly applied!!! ;)

The purpose of this post however, is to highlight the dangerous chemicals that are in most cosmetics.

Here are just a few of the websites/articles I found online, that are a good source of information about the dangers of chemical laden cosmetics, and which ingredients to watch out for:

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Natural Skin Care - Tree Hugger
EWG Cosmetics database
The Rise of Organic Make-Up - Mercola
The Ominous Truth Behind Cosmetic Beauty Claims - Mercola

I couldn't believe how many chemicals the average lady applies to her body and face each day: 130-500 depending on the source!!!

Ladies you are beautiful...I bet your husbands would agree too!  We women have also been created in the image of God, that means that God is 100% happy with how you look naturally!  If you were unpleasing to Him, He wouldn't have made you that way.  So scrape off the "war paint" ladies, let us see the real you, and dare to go bare! 

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that
feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. ~ Proverbs 31:30

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Big, Long, Family Update!

The Busiest Boy EVER!

Yes, it has certainly been awhile since I last dropped in with a family update!  My husband and I have been so busy lately/always with family life, church and other various priorities.  In my spare time (ha!) I have been already busily crafting ready for this Christmas.  Most recently, I've ordered in another batch of woolen felt sheets, for making soft, squishy, toys for gifts throughout the year.  Seriously though, it is so easy (not to mention frustrating) to have too many crafts on the go at the same time.  I always have to pull myself back before starting yet another craft, and make myself finish what I've already started!

Checking His Load

As you'll remember from this post, sometime after the start of the "official" school year, we made a full switch to A Beka curriculum for our kids (with the exception for French/Gaelige, for which we use Rosetta Stone and Music/Bible).  That meant that Amy was then waaaay behind in the school year, through no fault of her own.  She is working hard to catch up, and despite a few days missed due to more FUN things going on, she is making good progress!  Amy's music, is one area that simply brings our family so much joy, it is just wonderful to hear her praise God through music!  At present she is working on the hymn "Trust and Obey", it is one of my favourites, so it is such a joy to hear her play it! :)

Dylan is still working very hard at his school work also; at this stage in our school year, he has finished one full year Senior Infant/K5 maths book, is just about half-way in his reading curriculum, and is thoroughly enjoying his A Beka science book.  He is a very smart boy, though admittedly he is very energetic and active, so having him remain focused during school time can be a challenge! 

Most recently in in regards to our school schedule, I have switched Amy's tutoring time around a little, so we can have it during a quiet time in our home (when Meg is napping!).  It has been working wonderfully, although now our littlest dynamo is two, she has quietened a lot and that allows for Amy to gets some extra schooling done in the mornings too. 

Meg also loves to "do school"!  After the morning chores are done I'll ask her "Do you want to do school?", she'll nod her pretty little head and run off to find the markers!  She is too cute!  

My Handsome Men All Ready For Church *swoon*

I love the above picture of my handsome guys all dressed up for church!  Our church has had many extra events/activites on over these last few months, and just recently we were all encouraged by meeting up with some members of another small Baptist church (which is an hour or so away) for a prayer meeting.  Of course there was plenty of fun, fellowship and food to be had also, and it was very late when we finally got home!  The prayer meeting was simply to pray (as a first course of action) for the county inbetween our two churches, as there is no Bible believing church in that whole county, despite a population in the region of 145,000!  Our family lives in that particular county, and so we know first hand the desperate need for a good Bible believing church.  So both collectively, and privately, we are praying for our home county and determining what God would have us to do there.

Story Time With Nanny

We have been having "issues" with our water supply again lately, and so that has meant that we have often been without water.  For a while our water pump wouldn't switch off, and so it would just keep pumping, pumping, pumping into the house...this eventually forced that ball-cock in the attic tank to displace guessed it, buckets of water began to flow through the house, just as we were about to leave for church!  That was such a funny morning...and yes, we still did make it to church, albeit slightly late!  My husband has been so busy lately, that he hadn't had time to fix the fault, but just this week he was able to and now thinks he finally has the problem under control.  Some of the photographs in this post are of those "without water" days, when we even needed to wash some laundry items by hand...believe it or not, Dylan actually begged to be allowed to do that chore, and of course being the generous mother that I am, I agreed!

Listening To "Jonathan Park"

Amy Having Her Bible Time...
Check Out Our Hard-Done-By Dog Behind Her!

Amy Took This Intertesting Photograph

For Christmas this year, Dylan received his very first Jonathan Park audio set.  He LOVES it, in fact we all love it!  Of course at this stage each disc has been thoroughly listened to, but when they were new, Dylan was literally on the edge of his seat!  My husband has rewarded Dylan's recent early completion of SI/K5 maths with the second volume of Jonathan Park audios.  :)

Speaking of Christmas gifts you might remember that I mentioned blogging seperately about the dolly Meg receieved for her Christmas gift?  I have completed that particular post, and hope to have it up over the next week or two.  I have been hanging back with it, as the seller had closed her Etsy shop for a time after Christmas, and so I wanted to wait until she was back online before I posted. :)

Sunrise On A Frosty Morning

Another Skirt For Meg, 
Upcycled From An Old Dress Of Mine! 

Next week my husband is taking a weeks holidays from work, which we are all excited for!  We love having Daddy home with us.  Though knowing my husband, it will probably be the busiest week ever, with as much crammed in a possible, but we always enjoy our extra time together anyhow!  We have a day-trip planned for one day, which should be lots of fun, so I will be updating about that soon also.

At the end of this month my husband and I will be celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary!  Wow, what an adventure these last seven years has been!  Normally we don't celebrate by doing anything fancy, but it is a lovely time to reflect back on our newly-wed days, and be thankful that we have both learned much in the time since!  I am so thankful for my husband, and I can truly say that I love him more and more every year! :)

Dylan Took A Tumble In The Chicken Pen, On A Rainy Day!

School Time Around The Table...Plus A Late Breakfast Eater!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Yes, just this morning  we woke up to a snowy landscape!  It wasn't very snowy, but we were excited all the same.  It began to snow heavily just after breakfast and we were all happy that there was going to be lots of snow...but it waned after ten minutes or so and the sun came out. 


Of course with the low temperature, and the fact that we have been switching our water pump off overnight these days, has resulted in us having no water supply for the day - at least until it begins to thaw out.  Fret not though, as I have a saucepan under a drain pipe outside, gathering melted snow off the roof for us to wash the dishes in!  

Yes, Dylan Did Throw That Big Snowball At His Sisters!

 The kids ate and got dressed quicker than I have ever seen, and headed out to play before it melted!  Meg was so happy!.  I took a few pictures out of the upstairs windows as they walked about and played, and I went about with the upstairs morning chores.   

...Running Away!

Big Sister - Little Sister

If there are any people out there, who still read my poorly kept blog, I do have a HUGE family update coming, with all those odds and ends of family life that I have been neglecting to post.  I had hoped to finish it up last week, but unfortunately I was down with a bad stomach bug for three days, and so I never quite got around to it.  Thankfully I'm well again now, and I am so thankful for good health!  I trust you are all having a blessed week!

The Kids Made A Tiny Snowman
...I Wonder How Long It Might Be, Before Someone Sends Me
 A Comment Telling Me That It Is "Pagan" To Build Snowmen?!??