Friday, February 15, 2013

And Every Creeping Thing...

Interacting With The Animals
...Check Out The Yucky Snake Skin Hanging From The Ceiling!

Yesterday, our family took a trip to the Reptile Village in Gowran, County Kilkenny.  We had an awesome time there, and it was made extra special as a few friends from our church were able to come too!

There Was A Handsome Boy On Exhibit!

Not To Mention This Little Energy Bug!

It Was Really Neat To Learn About The Animals,
Except The Part About "Millions Of Years Ago..."!!!


I Didn't Really Like The Snakes And Spiders,
But This Bearded Dragon Was Really Cute

Meg Liked The Lizards Most, As They Were The Most Active

Meg, Dylan And A Friend

This Guy Was Meg's Favourite, They Brought Him Into The Petting Area
At The End, But I Had Packed The Camera Away!  He Was So Funny!

Meg Had A Lot Of Fun Running About,
And The Boys Enjoyed Burning Off All Their Energy

All Of Our Kids Petted This Snake...But It Gave Me The Creeps!
It Was Enormous! *shudder*


Visiting The Reptile Village Was Great!  We All Had A Wonderful Time
And Are Looking Forward To Going Again In The Future!


Nicole Pelkey said...

I would be sick! Haha. But I would go for the fact it looks awesome and the kids would LOVE it! Yeah, its frustrating to hear "billions of years ago....." but if we teach our children the truth and make them aware of the false teachings, they will know it for what it is :)

Glad you all had fun!!!!

Kimmie said...

Shudder. There is a reptile store in our shopping mall. My kids love going in there. Me, not so much. I do like the tortoise's though. Meg's hair is long; the braids are darling.