Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dare To Go Bare?

No, I'm not talking about walking around naked!  I'm talking about venturing into the world fresh faced and "bare" of make up!  Ha, I knew that would scare you! 

Normally I do not wear make-up, but there are days that I still choose to.  My husband is not against me wearing make-up, but he does prefer me to not wear it.  I personally, am not against wearing make-up in general, but I do have issue with some of the reasons why some ladies wear it.  Additionally, I will say that I am totally against make-up that has been badly applied!!! ;)

The purpose of this post however, is to highlight the dangerous chemicals that are in most cosmetics.

Here are just a few of the websites/articles I found online, that are a good source of information about the dangers of chemical laden cosmetics, and which ingredients to watch out for:

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Natural Skin Care - Tree Hugger
EWG Cosmetics database
The Rise of Organic Make-Up - Mercola
The Ominous Truth Behind Cosmetic Beauty Claims - Mercola

I couldn't believe how many chemicals the average lady applies to her body and face each day: 130-500 depending on the source!!!

Ladies you are beautiful...I bet your husbands would agree too!  We women have also been created in the image of God, that means that God is 100% happy with how you look naturally!  If you were unpleasing to Him, He wouldn't have made you that way.  So scrape off the "war paint" ladies, let us see the real you, and dare to go bare! 

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that
feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. ~ Proverbs 31:30


Nikki R said...

My husband prefers the no make up look too. I have not worn any since we were married.:) He does not care for jewelry either (just my wedding band! ) He does not like the made up look.

Karen R. said...

I love this post! I feel just like you do on this subject. I have come a long way because there was a time I would spend an hour applying makeup when I was a flight attendant (you had to really cake it on to make it last 8 hours in that cabin air). Now I don't think twice leaving the house with only a slightly tinted lipbalm. I hate the damage I did to my face with all that junk for all those years. I will teach my daughters the real definition of beauty as they grow up. Thanks for the links, I had no idea!

~SALLY~ said...

I have heard of these claims before and yes, there is much to be learned about makeup!! I only wear it when I go on a special date with hubby. He appreciates that I take the time to look extra pretty when we are alone on a date. :)

I had to laugh at your title though...ha ha! I had visions of what you were going to write about. LOL! :)

Jessi said...

I agree with you. I don't like the heavy eye shadow and over the top makeup. It looks vain and is what I think of when I read "the attire of a harlot" in the Bible. The chemicals are horrible too! I wear natural foundation because I have bad acne scaring and light mascara (organic) because you can't see my eyelashes if I don't! So it makes them just look normal. Other than that I don't wear any other make up.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

My husband prefers that I wear make up, but I don't like to much. So I try to compromise and wear it when we go somewhere. But around the home, I don't. I think you can wear make up and not look like a harlot.