Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Runaways!

For the past six weeks or so, two sheep have been hanging around our home.  They ran away from a neighbouring farm, and had taken up residence in our farm and garden.  After five weeks the farmer finally came to retreive them, but within two days of him herding them home, they were BACK!

Our kids thought it was so funny that they came back to us!  This time just a few days later, the farmer came and took them away again, and at this stage they haven't returned.  To be honest I actually miss seeing them eating our lawn and newly budding shrubs!  Anyway, even though they are gone, I wanted to share these photos as I thought they were cute! :)


1 comment:

Nicole Pelkey said...

That's sooooooo funny! So cute, I love all the pictures! They look so happy there :)