Saturday, March 30, 2013

Calvinists Say The Darndest Things...

Calvinism - I have as yet, only posted about this topic twice, the last time being months ago.   Yet I continue to get comments from disgruntled Calvinists for spilling the beans about their hero.  Here is the latest:

"A lot of people don't realize that God as the creator does not owe us anything and that we owe Him everything. Therefore we have no right to expect that our unborn children will go to heaven. If that was the case than every abortion would be a blessing in disguise. God can do with His creation as He pleases and can never be judged for that, just as an artist can not be judged for burning a painting he created Himself and does not like for whatever reason. I encourage all of you non-Calvinists to research the sciptures where God refers to human beings as clay and to Himself as a potter (Jes 29,16; Jes 45,9; Jes 64,7; Jer 18,4; Jer 18,6; Röm 9,21; read these verses in context pls). That should give you a more realistic view of yourselves and the proper place you have in the universe. You might think you as human beings are the centre of the universe, when you are not. God is! And He does everything in the first place to glorify HIMSELF, for His name only, not to make us happy. If you have created in your mind a God whose job it is to keep you happy, you have created an idol in your heart, sorry"
Where to begin with this one?  ...Firstly, dear disgruntled Calvinist, I DO understand that God does not "owe" me anything, absolutely nothing in my post could have given you any reason to think otherwise.  I do however expect certain things to happen, in varying circumstances, based upon what I read in the Bible.  For example: God has promised to remember my sins no more, if I put my faith and trust on Jesus Christ;  this does not mean that He owes me forgiveness, but simply that He promised to do just that, and I believe Him!  As you referred to my "assumption" that our miscarried children are in Heaven with the Lord, I will bring it up again here: I do not think we have any right to expect God to take our deceased children to Heaven with Him, though I believe that He will, based on what I read in scripture.  I am exercising faith and trust that God will do, what He said He will.  

This comment, like many others I have received from Calvinists, was childish to say the least.  In my experience, I have found Calvinists to be very defensive when confronted with the heresy of Calvinism; devoid of any biblical bolsters for their beliefs, they simply choose to go on the offensive instead.  Here is my final point: Calvinism does NOT stand up to the BIBLE.  This is the LAST comment I will reply to on this topic; if you wish to declare your blind allegiance to this heretic and his wicked doctrine, please do it elsewhere.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some Recent Pictures...

Daffodils Are One Of My Favourite Flowers

Okay, so here is a little collection of random photograph that I took recently.  They don't really have a particular theme, so that is why I just chucked them all together in this post!  At the moment I really don't have much time to blog, we are just too busy, I always have good intentions, but alas...  I hope you enjoy our pitcures! :)

Our Sweet Boy Picked This Daisy, Especially For Me!

My Husband Had Not Long Come Home From Work,
 And Was Attacked By A Welcoming Party!

This Girl LOVES To Wrestle!

Yummy Breakfast

Recently I Switched To A New Recipe,
 That I'll Be Blogging Seperately About Soon

Amy Studying Hard

I Was Super Tired This One Afternoon, So Meg Came
To Snuggle With Me After She Woke From Her Nap :)

Meg LOVES To Do "School"

Cheeky Chocolate Face!

Mr Dylan And His "Unique" Snowman

I LOVE His Smile!

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Family Picture

Before heading off to church this Sunday, I asked my dad to please come over and help us, by taking a couple of new family pictures.  He took quite a few pictures, but many of them were not usable for one reason of another: someone blinking, crying, sneezing, not looking at the camera...etc!  Plus Meg was totally not into being still for pictures!  The above picture was the one we all liked; we hope you like it too! :)

**Note** Can anyone advise me as to how to make the picture in my sidebar bigger?  If I don't click the "shrink to fit" box, the picture is HUGE, and if I do click it the picture is too small! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Sewing Adventures...

If you're a regular reader here, you'll know that I am on a mission to learn how to sew!  So far it has been a difficult and slow process.  At the beginning, even sewing in a straight line was a challenge, and still can be!  I find dress making patterns very difficult to understand, but like I said I am determined to learn!  Just ask my family and they'll tell you, if I am determined about anything, it WILL happen!


A couple of weeks ago I found a pattern that I liked online, so I ordered, printed and pieced it together.  Just doing that was an ordeal in and of itself!  Because my sewing skills are minimal at best, I thought it best to try out the pattern first using curtain liner, and that way if I made a total mess of it, it wouldn't be a huge loss.  So that is what I did.

I began one day afternoon, when Meg was napping and Dylan was out with my husband.  Amy was doing school at the kitchen table and we took turns helping each other!  We had a lot of fun!  When something confuses me, I have to literally talk to myself in order to help me make sense of it, so there I sat reading my pattern, talking to myself and trying to understand.  Following each step very carefully I began...

The most frustrating parts of following the pattern, were those times were I had read the instructions and they made NO SENSE at all, so I would go to the picture and that was confusing also!  This was the part of sewing the interfacing fabric to the bodice; I had no idea which way around everything was supposed to be, but thankfully with much re-reading, talking aloud and laughing I finally managed to do it!  Phew!  During this process it was great to have other experienced ladies online, of whom I could quickly ask advice.  The most difficult part of this pattern in my opinion was sewing in the zipper!  So frustrating!

In other news; I have begun sewing Amy a small quilt.  It is simply two blankets (one piece of soft flannel and one piece of minky) hand quilted together, with a satin ribbon edging.  Nothing terribly complicated, but they are very nice when finished and simple to make.  It is my wish to make one of these for each of my children.  Meg already has one that a friend made for her, and I made Dylan's one last year (you can read about that here).

In the last two weeks, I have completed two dresses for Meg.  The first, I made from fabric that I ordered from the Ribbon Retreat - they are my favourite company as it is cheaper to order from them in the U.S, than it would be to order the exact same things from the U.K!  That dress has now been put away for Meg to wear on Resurrection Sunday.  The second I made with lovely green and blue plaid, that our Pastor's wife kindly gave me.  I did do much better on that last one, and didn't make as many mistakes!  Meg will be wearing that dress for church tomorrow, she'll be super cute!  
For my next sewing project, I have my sights set on learning how to make a ladies nightgown; and have my eye on a particular pattern, but it will have to wait until my other projects are finished.  This is just one of many reasons why my poor little blog is sadly neglected these days! 

I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Day Tomorrow In The LORD's House!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Valentines Cookies

Okay, so this post is very late!  Not only because Valentines day has come and gone, but also because some readers asked me to post this recipe some time ago and I am only just getting around to posting it!  My apologies for the delay, but they will be well worth the wait; they are DELICIOUS!

To Note: We Also Baked The Little Heart Cut-Outs, So As

Not To Be Wasteful - They Were Tasty Too!
Ingredients For The Cookie Dough

300g/10oz Flour (we used 100% wholewheat)
150g/5oz Sugar
250g/8oz Butter (soft, diced)
1 large Egg Yolk
Pinch of Salt
2 tsp Vanilla Extract

Ingredients For The Filling

60g/2oz Butter (softened)
90g/3oz Icing Sugar (sifted - I actually never bother to do this!)
Strawberry Jam (without lumps of fruit - Amy pressed ours through a sieve before we began)
A few drops of Vanilla Extract
1 tsp Water

Method - Cookie Dough

1. Beat the butter and sugar together in a stand mixer or by hand.
2. Add the egg yolk and vanilla extract and beat until smooth.
3. Add the flour a little at a time, plus salt and mix until all combined.
4. Mould dough into a ball and place in cling film or something similar,
and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes

Assembly Method

1. Preheat oven to 180c/350f.  Roll out dough to about 1/4 inch thickness. 
Cut out circles with a fluted (2 1/2 in) cutter.
2. Arrange circles on lined/greased baking sheets.  Cut heart shapes out
of half your cookie circles, using a 1 inch heart shaped cookie cutter.
3. Bake your cookies for 12 minutes or so, until they are slightly golden.  Leave
them to cool completely.
4. Make the butter icing by beating butter until smooth and gradually
adding the icing sugar, water and vanilla extract.  Spread butter icing
over the WHOLE cookies (not the cut-out ones).
5. Now sppon on a little jam into the centre
(and onto of the butter icing) of each WHOLE cookie.  Pop the heart cut-out
cookies on the top.

And finally... EAT THEM!!!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Bundles Of Joy ~ A Review

Meg's Very Own, "Golly"

As you may remember, I promised in this post, that I would soon be posting separately about the new doll Meg received for Christmas...

Personally I have an aversion to hard, fully plastic dollies.  I find it difficult to see how a little girl can cuddle and love on a dolly, whose hard limbs are poking her in the ribs as she drifts off to sleep!  Not to mention the questionable fumes that plastic toys have been known to give off. 

I have been on a quest to find a wool stuffed, cloth bodied doll for the longest time!  I found one company some time ago that had nice ones, but they were becoming increasingly eccentric looking, very pricey (even more expensive this year!) and it is nearly impossible to actually buy one.  All others I found online, had one thing or another that I didn't like.

Meg And I, Had A Tea Party With "Golly" And Some Other Friends :)

As we approached the Christmas period I was browsing through Etsy, when I happened upon the "Bundles of Joy" store.  I immediately spotted a dolly for sale ("Abby") that I though was beautiful, and just perfect for any loving little "mama".  I showed the page to my husband, and we discussed buying the doll for Meg, for Christmas.  It was a larger expense than most dolls, but given the fact that it was handmade with lots of love, and the high quality of materials used, my husband thought the price was reasonable.   

Attributes of doll, as per "Bundles of Joy" page:

Featured is Abby, she is the newest doll in my collection. Abby is a waldorf doll made in the traditional waldorf manor. She is made from heavy weight cotton knit fabric and is stuffed with sweet clean carded wool. She is button and string jointed with the buttons being on the inside of her arms and legs. She can sit up by herself. She has long soft brown tibetan wool hair and brown embroidered eyes. She is about 17 inches long. Abby's cheeks have been blushed with a rose color bees wax crayon.

Abby comes dressed in her little cotton knit panties, a pink cotton dress with a cotton butterfly print pinafore. She is wearing white nylon socks and has white cotton shoes with ribbon ties. Also included is a soft cozy flannel nightgown that is trimmed with cotton eyelet lace. All her clothes have sewn on snap closures. Since she is string jointed she is recommended for age 3 or above. Her Tibetan wool hair can be brushed with a soft baby brush, and can be styled in various hair doos. I have pictured her with pigtails, her hair in a barrette, and with a headband. Abby is a sweet and cuddly playmate, looking to be adopted, as she is ready to ship to her new home.

She was created in a smoke and pet free environment.


Clothes Are Easy To Put On And Take Off

I Love This Guy's Heart Shaped Nose!

Long story short, due to my location (the seller is located in Indiana) I needed to contact the seller privately.  Mrs Voi could not have been more helpful; she was a joy to work with!  She also put some extras in our package too, which was so sweet of her: extra hair things, a bunny toy for the doll (in case she got lonely en route) and a little pair of woolen socks! 

A Well Sewn On Hair Piece

When the package arrived, I was absolutely amazed by the quality of each and every aspect of our purchase...right down to the heart shaped nose on the bunny!  Not a stitch was out of place, everything crafted with such care and attention.  The doll was already named "Abby", but Meg has affectionately re-named her "Golly" :)  Golly comes to church, sleeps in Meg's crib at every bed time and generally gets to come everywhere we do!

"Golly" All Ready For Bed!

"Golly" And Meg, Enjoying Breakfast Together!