Monday, March 4, 2013

Bundles Of Joy ~ A Review

Meg's Very Own, "Golly"

As you may remember, I promised in this post, that I would soon be posting separately about the new doll Meg received for Christmas...

Personally I have an aversion to hard, fully plastic dollies.  I find it difficult to see how a little girl can cuddle and love on a dolly, whose hard limbs are poking her in the ribs as she drifts off to sleep!  Not to mention the questionable fumes that plastic toys have been known to give off. 

I have been on a quest to find a wool stuffed, cloth bodied doll for the longest time!  I found one company some time ago that had nice ones, but they were becoming increasingly eccentric looking, very pricey (even more expensive this year!) and it is nearly impossible to actually buy one.  All others I found online, had one thing or another that I didn't like.

Meg And I, Had A Tea Party With "Golly" And Some Other Friends :)

As we approached the Christmas period I was browsing through Etsy, when I happened upon the "Bundles of Joy" store.  I immediately spotted a dolly for sale ("Abby") that I though was beautiful, and just perfect for any loving little "mama".  I showed the page to my husband, and we discussed buying the doll for Meg, for Christmas.  It was a larger expense than most dolls, but given the fact that it was handmade with lots of love, and the high quality of materials used, my husband thought the price was reasonable.   

Attributes of doll, as per "Bundles of Joy" page:

Featured is Abby, she is the newest doll in my collection. Abby is a waldorf doll made in the traditional waldorf manor. She is made from heavy weight cotton knit fabric and is stuffed with sweet clean carded wool. She is button and string jointed with the buttons being on the inside of her arms and legs. She can sit up by herself. She has long soft brown tibetan wool hair and brown embroidered eyes. She is about 17 inches long. Abby's cheeks have been blushed with a rose color bees wax crayon.

Abby comes dressed in her little cotton knit panties, a pink cotton dress with a cotton butterfly print pinafore. She is wearing white nylon socks and has white cotton shoes with ribbon ties. Also included is a soft cozy flannel nightgown that is trimmed with cotton eyelet lace. All her clothes have sewn on snap closures. Since she is string jointed she is recommended for age 3 or above. Her Tibetan wool hair can be brushed with a soft baby brush, and can be styled in various hair doos. I have pictured her with pigtails, her hair in a barrette, and with a headband. Abby is a sweet and cuddly playmate, looking to be adopted, as she is ready to ship to her new home.

She was created in a smoke and pet free environment.


Clothes Are Easy To Put On And Take Off

I Love This Guy's Heart Shaped Nose!

Long story short, due to my location (the seller is located in Indiana) I needed to contact the seller privately.  Mrs Voi could not have been more helpful; she was a joy to work with!  She also put some extras in our package too, which was so sweet of her: extra hair things, a bunny toy for the doll (in case she got lonely en route) and a little pair of woolen socks! 

A Well Sewn On Hair Piece

When the package arrived, I was absolutely amazed by the quality of each and every aspect of our purchase...right down to the heart shaped nose on the bunny!  Not a stitch was out of place, everything crafted with such care and attention.  The doll was already named "Abby", but Meg has affectionately re-named her "Golly" :)  Golly comes to church, sleeps in Meg's crib at every bed time and generally gets to come everywhere we do!

"Golly" All Ready For Bed!

"Golly" And Meg, Enjoying Breakfast Together!


Anonymous said...

Lovely doll :) I bought a soft doll for my daughter from IKEA. It's not as nice as Golly, but he's very much loved too. Here's a link, in case Golly needs a brother :)
-Hanna K.

Mrs. Josh said...

I LOVED reading your review. Lord willing we will be able to place an order someday. :) When I contacted the owner I mentioned that I had read a review on my friend Sarah's blog and she said to thank you! :) The lady seemed quite sweet and answered all my questions right away. Thanks for sharing.

Nora L said...

Thanks for this Sarah
The dolly is very cute and such a price difference between the 2 sites but still i must admit they are so beautifully made.Nora

Kimmie said...

So cute. I sewed actual Waldorf dolls for my oldest 2 in 2009. It was so fun. Meg's Golly looks so special.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Nikki ~ I'm glad you enjoyed the review, and that you are thinking of making an order someday for your girls. :)

Nora ~ Yes there is a whopping difference in the two prices. The Bamboletta dolls were not as expensive when I was first chekcing them out; I nearly fell off my chair when I checked them out again at Christmas time! Crazy!

Kimmie ~ Wow! I bet your girls treasure having those dolls, made especially for them by their mom! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing :)