Saturday, March 30, 2013

Calvinists Say The Darndest Things...

Calvinism - I have as yet, only posted about this topic twice, the last time being months ago.   Yet I continue to get comments from disgruntled Calvinists for spilling the beans about their hero.  Here is the latest:

"A lot of people don't realize that God as the creator does not owe us anything and that we owe Him everything. Therefore we have no right to expect that our unborn children will go to heaven. If that was the case than every abortion would be a blessing in disguise. God can do with His creation as He pleases and can never be judged for that, just as an artist can not be judged for burning a painting he created Himself and does not like for whatever reason. I encourage all of you non-Calvinists to research the sciptures where God refers to human beings as clay and to Himself as a potter (Jes 29,16; Jes 45,9; Jes 64,7; Jer 18,4; Jer 18,6; Röm 9,21; read these verses in context pls). That should give you a more realistic view of yourselves and the proper place you have in the universe. You might think you as human beings are the centre of the universe, when you are not. God is! And He does everything in the first place to glorify HIMSELF, for His name only, not to make us happy. If you have created in your mind a God whose job it is to keep you happy, you have created an idol in your heart, sorry"
Where to begin with this one?  ...Firstly, dear disgruntled Calvinist, I DO understand that God does not "owe" me anything, absolutely nothing in my post could have given you any reason to think otherwise.  I do however expect certain things to happen, in varying circumstances, based upon what I read in the Bible.  For example: God has promised to remember my sins no more, if I put my faith and trust on Jesus Christ;  this does not mean that He owes me forgiveness, but simply that He promised to do just that, and I believe Him!  As you referred to my "assumption" that our miscarried children are in Heaven with the Lord, I will bring it up again here: I do not think we have any right to expect God to take our deceased children to Heaven with Him, though I believe that He will, based on what I read in scripture.  I am exercising faith and trust that God will do, what He said He will.  

This comment, like many others I have received from Calvinists, was childish to say the least.  In my experience, I have found Calvinists to be very defensive when confronted with the heresy of Calvinism; devoid of any biblical bolsters for their beliefs, they simply choose to go on the offensive instead.  Here is my final point: Calvinism does NOT stand up to the BIBLE.  This is the LAST comment I will reply to on this topic; if you wish to declare your blind allegiance to this heretic and his wicked doctrine, please do it elsewhere.  


Anonymous said...

Could you share the scriptures that led you to the belief that babies who die in the womb go to heaven? I have a very dear friend who has suffered the pain of several miscarriages, and I would love to offer her some encouraging verses. (Ann)

Anonymous said...

This comment is confusing-is this person claiming to be a Calvinist? Because John Calvin did indeed believe and teach that babies who die in infancy do go to heaven. Here is a direct quote from Calvin on that very subject:
“Christ receives not only those who, moved by holy desire and faith, freely approach unto Him, but those who are not yet of age to know how much they need His grace."
Maybe the definition of a Calvinist has become as obscure as the definition of a Christian now days. In any event, it would appear that this commenter needs to go brush up on Calvin's writings before declaring them self one..

Sarah in Ireland said...

Ann ~ I'm sorry I didn't see your request for the verse, until now as I reviewed my comments. Here is one verse that immediately comes to mind:

"But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me." ~ 2 Samuel 12:23