Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Sewing Adventures...

If you're a regular reader here, you'll know that I am on a mission to learn how to sew!  So far it has been a difficult and slow process.  At the beginning, even sewing in a straight line was a challenge, and still can be!  I find dress making patterns very difficult to understand, but like I said I am determined to learn!  Just ask my family and they'll tell you, if I am determined about anything, it WILL happen!


A couple of weeks ago I found a pattern that I liked online, so I ordered, printed and pieced it together.  Just doing that was an ordeal in and of itself!  Because my sewing skills are minimal at best, I thought it best to try out the pattern first using curtain liner, and that way if I made a total mess of it, it wouldn't be a huge loss.  So that is what I did.

I began one day afternoon, when Meg was napping and Dylan was out with my husband.  Amy was doing school at the kitchen table and we took turns helping each other!  We had a lot of fun!  When something confuses me, I have to literally talk to myself in order to help me make sense of it, so there I sat reading my pattern, talking to myself and trying to understand.  Following each step very carefully I began...

The most frustrating parts of following the pattern, were those times were I had read the instructions and they made NO SENSE at all, so I would go to the picture and that was confusing also!  This was the part of sewing the interfacing fabric to the bodice; I had no idea which way around everything was supposed to be, but thankfully with much re-reading, talking aloud and laughing I finally managed to do it!  Phew!  During this process it was great to have other experienced ladies online, of whom I could quickly ask advice.  The most difficult part of this pattern in my opinion was sewing in the zipper!  So frustrating!

In other news; I have begun sewing Amy a small quilt.  It is simply two blankets (one piece of soft flannel and one piece of minky) hand quilted together, with a satin ribbon edging.  Nothing terribly complicated, but they are very nice when finished and simple to make.  It is my wish to make one of these for each of my children.  Meg already has one that a friend made for her, and I made Dylan's one last year (you can read about that here).

In the last two weeks, I have completed two dresses for Meg.  The first, I made from fabric that I ordered from the Ribbon Retreat - they are my favourite company as it is cheaper to order from them in the U.S, than it would be to order the exact same things from the U.K!  That dress has now been put away for Meg to wear on Resurrection Sunday.  The second I made with lovely green and blue plaid, that our Pastor's wife kindly gave me.  I did do much better on that last one, and didn't make as many mistakes!  Meg will be wearing that dress for church tomorrow, she'll be super cute!  
For my next sewing project, I have my sights set on learning how to make a ladies nightgown; and have my eye on a particular pattern, but it will have to wait until my other projects are finished.  This is just one of many reasons why my poor little blog is sadly neglected these days! 

I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Day Tomorrow In The LORD's House!


Nikki said...

You are doing great! :) I am very impressed. The dresses for Meg are beautiful! I think Amy will love her blanket too. You are one busy mama!!

Jenny said...

Wow - the dresses look lovely!

Sewing is one of many things that I want to learn. I have fabric and a sewing machine and some (hopefully!) simple patterns but cutting up fabric is so scary! Another of those skills I wish I had learnt when I was young! x

His bondservant said...

So nice to catch up with you and your sweet family again! I have been very absent from the blogosphere lately! Love your sewing projects. Sewing is something I have always longed to do as well. I have my oldest daughter taking sewing lessons and she is doing quite well. I want to make sure my girls are equipped in ways I wasn't. Keep up the great work! They really are lovely!

Nora L said...

well done Sarah
they are beautiful
I'm trying to learn also, and crochet and knitting too.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Nikki ~ Thank you! I hope to "train" Amy in on this pattern over the course of the year, and that way she won't have to learn the hard way like me! :)

Jenny ~ Thank you. I too, have often wished I had learned to sew when I was younger, but I am enjoying the learning experience now all the same. :)

His Bondservant ~ I was just thinking about your family yesterday! I was actually looking through my old Above Rubies magazines and came across the article you wrote! It was such a blessing to read through again. I hope that you and your family are all well.

Nora ~ Thank you also. Thankfully I was able to glean a lot of advice and tips from other ladies via Facebook. Their help really was invaluable, as it can be so hard to try and learn without an instructor. I'm sure the items you create will be a blessing to your family! :)

Rachel said...

Sarah, the dresses look great! I would never have thought they were made by someone inexperienced, good for you!

Jessi said...

Your dresses are looking good. I will have to get sewing for my little girl. It seems like the larger the size the length doesn't get any longer in the store skirts for infants! She is wearing 6 months dresses at 2 months for the length. I was going to ask you if you have tried or seen infant cullots? I would be willing to pay if someone could whip some up for Lauren. Until I can lean how but I am still learning basics.

Sarah in Ireland said...

Jessi ~ Thank you. I completely understand your problem with baby girl dresses! I can almost never get Meg any clothes from regular stores as most often they sell trousers and when I do find the odd skirt or dress it is usually too short!

I have never tried nor seen infant culottes. Meg has only ever worn skirts or dresses. Mostly Meg wears woollen tights (I think you guys would call them pantyhose?) underneath her skirts and dresses, but in the summer I would pop on some short leggings or pantaloons underneath.

I do plan on making some pantaloons (there surely must be a better word!) for Meg, to match with some of her dresses. They are just short, jammie pants with an elasticated waist and gathered with thin elastic at the knee. I did blog once about making jammie pants for Dylan without a pattern, they were SUPER EASY, perhaps an altered version on that might be helpful to you?