Monday, March 18, 2013

New Family Picture

Before heading off to church this Sunday, I asked my dad to please come over and help us, by taking a couple of new family pictures.  He took quite a few pictures, but many of them were not usable for one reason of another: someone blinking, crying, sneezing, not looking at the camera...etc!  Plus Meg was totally not into being still for pictures!  The above picture was the one we all liked; we hope you like it too! :)

**Note** Can anyone advise me as to how to make the picture in my sidebar bigger?  If I don't click the "shrink to fit" box, the picture is HUGE, and if I do click it the picture is too small! 


Lisa said...

What a lovely family you have, Sarah. :)

~SALLY~ said...

Aww! Sweet! :) As far as your photo goes, it sounds like your original photo may be too large. Try using to resize your photo to make is "smaller" (in pixels) then try uploading it again. My camera takes hugemongous pictures so I always resize them in PicMonkey. You can also do fun things with your pictures there too like add borders and shading. Hope that helps!

Nicole Pelkey said...

Love the family picture, Sarah! Its beautiful! We need a new one Soooo bad! Our last actual family pic was two years ago :(

Beautiful Picture!

sarah in the woods said...

yes, crop and resize in a free online photo editor. you have to play around with the pixel size to figure out exactly what size you need for the space on your blog. Nice picture.

Jessi said...

Great picture :)

Nora L said...

That's lovely sarah.