Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some Recent Pictures...

Daffodils Are One Of My Favourite Flowers

Okay, so here is a little collection of random photograph that I took recently.  They don't really have a particular theme, so that is why I just chucked them all together in this post!  At the moment I really don't have much time to blog, we are just too busy, I always have good intentions, but alas...  I hope you enjoy our pitcures! :)

Our Sweet Boy Picked This Daisy, Especially For Me!

My Husband Had Not Long Come Home From Work,
 And Was Attacked By A Welcoming Party!

This Girl LOVES To Wrestle!

Yummy Breakfast

Recently I Switched To A New Recipe,
 That I'll Be Blogging Seperately About Soon

Amy Studying Hard

I Was Super Tired This One Afternoon, So Meg Came
To Snuggle With Me After She Woke From Her Nap :)

Meg LOVES To Do "School"

Cheeky Chocolate Face!

Mr Dylan And His "Unique" Snowman

I LOVE His Smile!


~SALLY~ said...

Ha ha! LOVE the snowman! :)

Chelle said...

Lovely post. You have a wonderful family.