Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Approach To Dieting

Someone recently asked me about my approach to dieting, or losing unwanted weight.  So for those of you who want to know, here it is...



Yes, I do absolutely nothing!  This is not because I don't have any unwanted weight, nor because I am in peak physical shape...but simply because "dieting" does NOT work!  Some of you may disagree, and that is fine, but this is my blog after all, so it is my opinion that forms the bulk of this post. Ha!
Of course the word "dieting" can mean different things to different people, so first I'll address the extreme interpretation: crash dieting.  Crash dieting or adhering to faddish diets does not work, because they are based on the strict limitation of foods or food groups eaten.  Crash dieting will/may:
  • Initially seem to work (mainly due to loss of water), but most often than not, the dieter gains back the weight they lost...and then some!

  • Lower your immunity.  Crash or yo-yo dieters are always ill!

  • Dieters feel emotionally worse, compared with their non-dieting friends.

  • Increase your risks of muscle loss, mental instability, blood pressure issues, cardiac stress, osteoporosis and organ damage.

  • Cause you to become malnourished. 
The other way in which I'd view the term "dieting" would be weight loss programs that are less extreme, such as "Weight Watchers" or similar.  I know ladies personally, who follow diet programs such as these, who have seen good results in losing excess weight.  However, I personally do not think that these are the best option for ladies wanting to lose weight and be healthy.  Often these programs advocate eating lots of denatured, nutritionally defunct foods.  Skimmed milk is one example of foods pushed by "healthy eating" programs - yuck!  I also remember many years ago, my mother buying "weight watchers" bread - this stuff was brilliantly white, sliced as thinly as possible and contained more air than anything else!  Bleurgh!  Remember, eating an additive laden, low-fat, small portion of frozen lasagne will probably help you cut your calorific intake, but it cannot be viewed as a healthy option.

Okay so here is what I do, or don't do, for those who are still interested:

  •  I buy/prepare foods that are organic, homemade and nutritionally beneficial for our bodies.

  • I don't count carbs, calories or anything else. 

  • I don't eat junk!  - though I will confess to the occasional McDonalds *hangs head in shame*  

  • Post-partum weight loss is a total non-issue for me.  It took nine months to go on, so I am quite happy for a year go by, in order for the baby weight to disappear naturally.

  • I try to educate myself on what is actually beneficial for our health, rather than modern, trendy advice given by "nutritionists" and based upon bad science (i.e animal products/fats are bad - margarine is good).

  • I don't ever weigh myself.  I think this is counter-productive and can lead to someone to become fixated on their weight. 

  • We do not buy any baked goods.  I bake all the bread, tortillas, pittas, cakes and cookies we eat.  This means that the cakes and cookies we eat, are usually vastly healthier (not to mention tastier!) than those made to last months, on the shelves of the supermarket.

  • I don't eat gigantic portions, neither are they stingy. 

  • We do not generally eat after our evening meal; times when I have, I've noticed that I often wake up hungry in the middle or the night.  Weird, but true.

I'm not advocating that anyone follow my dietary advice, but this is simply what I do and what I'm happy with that at present.  I'm happy with my body shape and size and so is my husband.  There is more to life than worrying and feeling guilty because I ate an extra slice of cake!


Nikki R said...

Hello Sarah,
What a great post and our thoughts exactly.:) I have never been one for diets. I think that women who do crash dieting or one where they have to eat separate foods then the rest of the family are a bit extreme. I have decided to try to be a little healthier this year not just me but my entire family. Not to mention women that do excessive dieting look old quicker as they lose their healthy "fat" too. :)My husband ALWAYS tells me that if it took 9 months to come on that it should take at least THAT long to come off and I agree. As long as we are healthy....and eating the best we junk or just once in awhile we have a healthy "diet" plan. :) Anyway, I thought it was neat that you said so many of the things we think a long those lines. :) Have a great weekend!

Nicole Pelkey said...
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Rachel said...

Good for you Sarah, that is very sane approach to weight management. Struggling with food v weight has been a huge thing for me for a few years now, and I'm constantly praying to try and have a more balanced approach to it all.