Friday, May 31, 2013

Homemade Raw Ice-Cream

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I made some DELICIOUS homemade ice-cream!  We skimmed our cream and saved it in the freezer for a few days, until we had enough to work with.  The few days waiting for our supply to build up, really increased the kids excitement...okay, and mine too! 

Homemade Raw Ice-Cream
(taken from "Nourishing Traditions" ~ Sally Fallon)

3 Cups of Raw Cream
3 Eggs Yolks
1/2 Cup of Maple Syrup
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
1 Tbsp Arrowroot Powder


Beat egg yolks together and blend in the remaining ingredients. 
Pour into an ice-cream maker and process according to the manufacturers instructions. 
Our ice-cream took about 25 minutes before it got to the "soft-scoop" stage, at which time we transferred our mixture into a tub and put it into the chest freezer for a couple of hours.

Taste Testers!

Because we used pastured eggs from our own hens, our mixture was deliciously yellow in colour (more so, before it was frozen); these pictures don't show the colour well enough at all, so you'll just have to take my word on that!

Most days I do not skim the cream from our milk, but now and then I do, to make other yummy things such as butter, ice-cream or simply use the cream for soups or desserts.

Also, on the day we made our ice-cream I didn't have any maple syrup on hand, so we used raw cane sugar instead.  Other than the addition of the sugar, this recipe makes ice-cream practically a health food in my opinion! 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Come Milking With Us...

Beautiful Day!

Our Cow Enjoying A Treat Of Molasses

My Helper!
Dylan Took This, But The Lens Wasn't Open Fully!

...Yes That Is Straw In My Hair!

I Milk Into A Plastic Jug Firstly (lighter on my wrist than glass),
Then I Transfer Into This Stainless Steel Pot
Giving Our Cow A Nice Brush!

All Done!

Sweet Calf


"Yay, They Left Some For Me!"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sleepy Girl

Over the last few days, Dylan and Meg have been a little under-the-weather.  Meg has found it difficult to sleep, on account fo her stuffy nose.  Today they are both MUCH better; thank you to any who prayed for them.  Both this morning and at nap time, Meg slept hard!  When I went in to wake her after her nap time, this is how I found her!  I opened the curtains, took pictures of her and picked up in her room and she was STILL asleep!  Once I managed to rouse her, she was super CRANKY and did not want to get up, so I left her for another fifteen minutes to wake up better.  Then Daddy arrived home and of course she was then full of smiles and eager to get up! 

In other news - I had planned to blog several things over the last few weeks, but my computer is literally on it's "last legs" (the poor thing is asbout 10 years old!) and uploading my pictures onto Blogger take soooooooo long, that I usually give up after one or two.  My husband plans to buy us a portable hard-drive (onto which I hope to transfer all of our photographs, which are currently taking up a lot of space) next week, and that should hopefully fix my little problem.  Though I did note, that some of you mentioned having problems loading photographs onto your posts; so perhaps that is another issue?

I hope you are all having fun as you finish up your school year,
 and make exciting plans for the summer!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Of Those Elusive Family Posts...


Sweet Boy

Dylan "Decorated" The Door-Step For Me :)

Yes, yes, it's one of those posts.  One of those ones in which I apologise for my lack of posting, with promises of being a better blogger in future...

This year the weeks are speeding by so fast, that I can hardly keep up.  One minute it is Friday and then it feels as though just two or three days has gone by, and it's Friday again!  One reason for our schedules being crazier than usual, has been the addition of a daily milking time.  It takes extra long at present, as our cows are having to be moved about so they have plenty of grass (not much at the moment, due to the lingering cold weather), this means that several of them need to be herded through fields before being milked at the shed.  Dylan and I can normally manage well by ourselves, but then there are days when the cows are being extra naughty and things don't run as smoothly as I'd like!  We hope to have things better organized, as the warmer weather arrives, and that should speed up the time it takes to get our daily milk.  

I have come to LOVE my time milking our cows (yes, we are milking TWO now)!  It is such a nice, calming activity and very rewarding too.  Our family is feeling healthier already, with the addition of raw milk to our diets.  Meg especially loves to drink "Daddy's Bu-Ah!". 

"Scruffy" Enjoying The Last Fire Of The Season

Over the last few months I discovered a wonderful new source, for buying organic fruits and vegetables (plus other items)!  It is so great, to be able to get a wider variety of foods for our family to enjoy.  The selection still isn't what some of you may be used to, but I am thrilled!  I am able to order what we need online, and have it delivered to our door-step the very next day at a reasonable price.  In addition to the fact that I no longer buy bread or milk at the supermarket, having these groceries delivered to the house, means that I only need to go to the supermarket once per week at the most!  Yippee!

Yummy Organic Produce From A New Source!

Our schooling is going well, Dylan has finished his SECOND K5 math book of the year and is nearing the end of his reading curriculum.  Such a hard worker!  As you might remember, Amy is behind on her school somewhat, because we switched out her curriculum four months into the school year.   This means that Amy is working VERY hard at present, in order to try and finish her books before the school year is ended.  But she is doing great so far and hopes to be finished by the end of July/August.  She may not get a lot of time off before the new school year begins, but she will make sure to enjoy every second of her summer break.

Miss Meg has FINALLY begun to talk properly!  She has been our slowest child at doing...just about everything.  It is not that she cannot do things, but just that she won't!  She and Dylan are having the best time playing together now that she is a little older and can communicate more. Firecracker Meg definitely loves rough, loud games best!

Megsie Helping With Dinner :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Raw Milk ~ Asthma Treatment


As you may remember from this post, our family recently began milking one of our own cows.  It is delicious; especially compared with the pasteurised, homogenised milk that is sold here in Ireland.  We have all been thoroughly enjoying our good milk!  Out of our whole family, sweet Meg has had the fastest, most visible health improvement...

As most of you may be aware, our youngest daughter Meg usually deals with asthma on a daily basis.  Up until recently, she would wake almost every night coughing.  The cough would become almost none stop within 10-15 minutes, then the wheezing would begin.  Before getting to this stage, I would treat her symptoms naturally, which would settle her coughing/breathing quickly and she would sleep well for the rest of the night.  Also, often times when Meg would be playing a rough/fast-paced game with her siblings, I would have to stop their play, as she would be wheezing within fifteen minutes or so.  This really made us sad for her.


Since we have introduced raw milk into our diet, 
Meg's symptoms of asthma have vanished!


Meg has had one episode of wheezing a couple of days into our raw milk introduction.  We ran out of milk that one day, and she had to have organic, pasteurised/homogenised instead.  At that time she also had contracted a regular cough and cold from Dylan, which I think triggered the wheezing.  The episode of wheezing was very slight, and cleared up very quickly!  We have thanked the Lord, over and over, for allowing us the opportunity to have our own raw milk!