Saturday, May 25, 2013

Come Milking With Us...

Beautiful Day!

Our Cow Enjoying A Treat Of Molasses

My Helper!
Dylan Took This, But The Lens Wasn't Open Fully!

...Yes That Is Straw In My Hair!

I Milk Into A Plastic Jug Firstly (lighter on my wrist than glass),
Then I Transfer Into This Stainless Steel Pot
Giving Our Cow A Nice Brush!

All Done!

Sweet Calf


"Yay, They Left Some For Me!"


Nora L said...

Ah that is so lovely Sarah.
Raw milk is so good for us I'd love to have our own cow someday so we can all enjoy the same health benefits you are all having.I love molasses too.Do you know that Raw pasture fed milk is full of Congugated Linolenic acid?
it's great that Megans asthma has vastly improved with it.
We'll be doing school work over the Summer too(Especially Irish) I know this refers to another post but I didn't get a chance to comment.So you are not alone. anyway learning is ongoing even if your not doing scheduled school work surely learning doesn't just stop ,you might see a shell at the beach take it home then look it up in a book that's learning isn't it..

Oh yeah on one of your posts over the last 2 months a lady commented who asked for her post not to be shown but you accidently published it may remember it she was saying her young daughter was having weight problems I wonder would raw unpasteurised organic apple cider vinegar help ,and maybe a good french green clay to claen her system esp her bowels,also to avoid (though she may no already)all artifical sweetners (aspartame,saccharin,acesulfameK(acesulfame potassium)..and MSG..though she may know this already.Maybe a good medical herbalist might be able to help .maybe you could pass on this info or she may say it here anyway..
I must go over to your sourdough post now and ask you a question about it..
got to go baby calls and dinner!!!
enjoy ye're day

Nora L said...

Ps your son Dylan reminds me so much of my little 4 yr old boy..he's lovely

Sarah in Ireland said...

Thanks Nora, we really are VERY thankful to have access to raw milk, especially since it is having such a dramatic effect on Meg's visible health.

Yes, the lady did alert me to the fact that I had mistakenly published the comment. I am sorry that I neglected to pay proper care and attention when reading over the comments. Thankfully she was not mad about it and forgave my mistake.

Dylan really is the sweetest boy, I'm glad you know the blessings of young boys too!

Thanks for your comment! :)

1HappyWife said...

You are blessed to have such a sweet helper :). I love the picture that he took with the lens not completely opened!! Thanks for letting us tag along to milk ~ it was fun. Have a blessed day!