Thursday, May 2, 2013

Raw Milk ~ Asthma Treatment


As you may remember from this post, our family recently began milking one of our own cows.  It is delicious; especially compared with the pasteurised, homogenised milk that is sold here in Ireland.  We have all been thoroughly enjoying our good milk!  Out of our whole family, sweet Meg has had the fastest, most visible health improvement...

As most of you may be aware, our youngest daughter Meg usually deals with asthma on a daily basis.  Up until recently, she would wake almost every night coughing.  The cough would become almost none stop within 10-15 minutes, then the wheezing would begin.  Before getting to this stage, I would treat her symptoms naturally, which would settle her coughing/breathing quickly and she would sleep well for the rest of the night.  Also, often times when Meg would be playing a rough/fast-paced game with her siblings, I would have to stop their play, as she would be wheezing within fifteen minutes or so.  This really made us sad for her.


Since we have introduced raw milk into our diet, 
Meg's symptoms of asthma have vanished!


Meg has had one episode of wheezing a couple of days into our raw milk introduction.  We ran out of milk that one day, and she had to have organic, pasteurised/homogenised instead.  At that time she also had contracted a regular cough and cold from Dylan, which I think triggered the wheezing.  The episode of wheezing was very slight, and cleared up very quickly!  We have thanked the Lord, over and over, for allowing us the opportunity to have our own raw milk! 


Twinkle Toes said...

That is so awesome! :) Wish we could have access to raw milk here...

Nicole Pelkey said...

Hey :) Thanks for comment/email...its okay about publishing the comment. I should have put it at the top but I said it at the bottom. Its not a big deal, I wasn't upset at all :)

I'm sooooooo happy and blessed that we can drink raw milk! We obveously drink goats milk rather than cows milk, but the fact that we can have raw is great!!! I have read so much about it helping with allergies and asthma and what a blessing for YOU! Praise the Lord.

Hope you're having a wonderful week. I miss when you're not posting much...but its wonderful too because your days are filled with family and all the things that (honestly) are more important than blogging ;)

Talk to you soon!