Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sleepy Girl

Over the last few days, Dylan and Meg have been a little under-the-weather.  Meg has found it difficult to sleep, on account fo her stuffy nose.  Today they are both MUCH better; thank you to any who prayed for them.  Both this morning and at nap time, Meg slept hard!  When I went in to wake her after her nap time, this is how I found her!  I opened the curtains, took pictures of her and picked up in her room and she was STILL asleep!  Once I managed to rouse her, she was super CRANKY and did not want to get up, so I left her for another fifteen minutes to wake up better.  Then Daddy arrived home and of course she was then full of smiles and eager to get up! 

In other news - I had planned to blog several things over the last few weeks, but my computer is literally on it's "last legs" (the poor thing is asbout 10 years old!) and uploading my pictures onto Blogger take soooooooo long, that I usually give up after one or two.  My husband plans to buy us a portable hard-drive (onto which I hope to transfer all of our photographs, which are currently taking up a lot of space) next week, and that should hopefully fix my little problem.  Though I did note, that some of you mentioned having problems loading photographs onto your posts; so perhaps that is another issue?

I hope you are all having fun as you finish up your school year,
 and make exciting plans for the summer!

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