Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Here are some of the highlights from today:

Sleeping in until 8:30am - Good

Realising that I hadn't switched on the dishwasher
 before going to bed last night - Bad

Visit from my mum - Good

Meg used the potty on her own and came to "tell" Amy - Good

Getting swatted in the face by our cow whilst milking - Bad

Leftovers for lunch, so I didn't have to cook - Good

Meg pooping in her underwear - Ugly

Dylan finished writing a letter to his friend - Good

Amy playing through several hymns whilst I cleaned the kitchen - Good

Mild headache coming on during nap time - Bad

Looking forward to sharing lunch with new friends on Sunday - Good

Dylan doing very well in his piano lesson - Good

Homemade pizza for dinner - Good

Discovering a letter to a relative, that I thought I'd already sent - Bad

Feeling thankful that God provided for a big *want* - Very good

So yes, there were MANY more good things than bad - and indeed plenty more that my frazzled brain neglected to remember!  I am thankful for each day the Lord gives me, to teach, train and LOVE my family; what a blessing it is to be a keeper-at-HOME!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dumbing Down Dad

I am so thankful for a wise and decisive husband!  Some time ago, my husband and I were reading a bedtime story to Meg, when my husband pointed out some content in the book, that he found disturbing.  The story seemed like a nice wholesome tale at first glance, but we came to see that there was a very clear and deliberate attempt, to portray the dad character as a complete idiot.  That night, we went through all the books in that particular collection, and took out the ones that had the same "dad is a moron" slant!

How our society loves to "dumb down dad".  It is everywhere - books, television, radio, movies...etc.  Before we quit watching television (about 2 years ago), I remember advertisements that portrayed the dad as an idiot; a loser, who was mocked by both his wife and children.  Those same  advertisements would often portray the "mom" as highly intelligent, strong, capable and well organised, in comparison with "dad" and his many ineptitudes.  

This is yet another attack on the family, though perhaps one that might go underestimated.  Make no mistake about it, this is an attack of Satan.  He is seeking to destroy godly families and would just love for your kids to dishonour and disrespect their dad. 

God, in the Bible, makes His will for the structure of the family, very clear to us.  There is no getting away from the fact (though some still try) that He designed men to be the head of the family.  We as wives are instructed to respect, submit to, and reverence our husbands.  Our children likewise, should be respectful, obedient, and loving toward their dads.

My husband and I are very careful about materials that we allow into our home, and were surprised that these books had gotten under our radar.  Even if you feel certain that there are no materials like that in your home, I'd encourage you to take a look and see, you might just be as surprised as we were.

"And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, 
and the heart of the children to their fathers,
 lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." 
~ Malachi 4:6

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amy's 14th Birthday ~ Japanese Theme

Last weekend, we celebrated Amy's 14th birthday!  I simply cannot believe that our baby girl is FOURTEEN!  Each time we have a birthday in our home, it reminds me to make sure we treasure every moment with our children, as our time with them goes by so quickly... 

Sweet Birthday Girl

Two EAGER Siblings

Amy's Birthday Card From Meg And Dylan
Amy had requested a "Japanese" theme, as she loves all things Japanese!  The morning began with all the kids piling into our bedroom for snuggles and giggles - the BEST start to any day!  Next we ventured downstairs to give Amy her birthday cards and gifts.  It was funny to watch Amy opening her gifts, surrounded by two little ones who were just as excited about her birthday as she was!  We joked that they looked like little birds perched on her shoulders!

"What'ya Got There Amy?"

Felt "Sushi" :)

Amy LOVES Herbal Teas! - She Received This Loose Tea Mug,
Plus Two Boxes Of Organic Loose Tea Blends

Amy Has Already Learnt Most Of What Was On This Course,
She Plans To Buy The Next Level Out Of Her Birthday Money

Nom, nom, nom!

"Hmm, Amy This Sushi Doesn't Taste Too Good!"

We quickly got dressed and did the animal chores, before heading into town for a special birthday breakfast at our favourite cafĂ©/restaurant.  We actually ordered from the lunch menu, and the food was just DELICIOUS!  Dylan thought that "helping" a sister celebrate her birthday, is almost just as good as having your own birthday!

"Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You..."


Yummy Cake!

Once we were home, my dad and brother came over to visit with Amy and wish her "Happy Birthday!".  Since my husband was going to work that afternoon until midnight, he suggested that it would be nice to have Amy's birthday cake right then, and that way we could all enjoy it together.  What a good idea!  So we had our coffee with BIG slices of birthday cake!  Yum-yum!  Of course Meg did the rounds *helping* everyone eat theirs!   

Meg Loving On "Gi-Gi"

My Brother *Was* Happy - This Is Just His "Tough-Guy" Pose! :)

After my husband had left for work and my dad and brother had gone home, I popped Meg to bed for her afternoon nap.  Amy and I then got to work on making the sushi for her Japanese style dinner.  My kids LOVE sushi, so everyone was excited! 
Dinner was very good - we ate a lot of sushi.  Amy was pleased that I had bought a few other Japanese type foods to try with our meal.  I knew she wanted to try Miso soup, but I didn't fancy making it from scratch, so I did buy a ready-made kind *gasp*.  We also tried Japanese sea vegetables (a.k.a seaweed!), which Amy and I ate, but the little kids were totally not into it! 

Amy LOVED The Miso - The Rest Of Us, Not So Much!


Yummy Birthday Dinner

Once the evening chores were done and the little kids were in bed, Amy studied her Japanese language course and we tried out her hair wand.  Once I got the hang of how to use it (thanks to YouTube), we curled her hair for church the next day.  We were sceptical of the curls lasting, but to our surprise they were still fully intact in the morning!  Just before she went off to bed, Amy said she had loved the Japanese theme and enjoyed her birthday very much!
Happy 14th Birthday Amy - We LOVE You!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Family Fun Day At JFK Arboretum

Last Thursday our family decided to ditch the schoolwork and chores and head out for a family fun day!  I love the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling!  Our trip was decided last minute (like lots of things we do) and so we dressed quickly, fed the animals and grabbed a picnic lunch before setting off...

Daddy Thought This Was a Great Way To Carry The Ball!

My husband and the little kids cycled around, whilst Amy and I walked, talked and enjoyed the scenery.  They were able to cycle around the winding smaller paths and meet us back on the larger walk way quite often, which worked out nicely for everyone.  Meg loved being chauffeur driven by Daddy!  Even though our spring time has been very cold and overcast, for the majority of the year so far, that day was GLORIOUS!  Sunny and hot; we were so glad that we had decided to go! 

Once we were about halfway around the walk route, we came to a lake and decided to plonk down and enjoy our picnic.  I was worried about Meg running for the water, but I needn't have worried as she was perfectly behaved.  For our picnic we took:

Sourdough Bread
Raw Cheeses
Tomatoes and Cucumber
Oranges and Apples
Scones and Jam
Kettle Chips (yes, yes, totally bad - but a one off!)
Orange Juice and Water

It was SO peaceful, sitting and eating by the water!  Also, because the public schools were in session, we practically had the whole place to ourselves.  After we had all eaten our fill, Daddy took Meg off to pick flowers (only daisies and buttercups - not the flowers grown there!), whilst Amy and I packed up the lunch things.  The guys headed off on the bikes once more, and we ambled off toward the kids play area. 

Pretty Girl!

Meg LOVES Hummous!

She Ate Almost One Full Tub By Herself!

Oh my what a walk that last part was, we were so sleepy from eating out in the sun!  But once we were at the play area, everyone was re-energized and ready to play!  Daddy and I supervised as the little ones played.  Amy was busy enjoying the fun from the shady seating area, and she took some nice photographs of the little kids on her camera.  After thirty minutes or so, lots of kids arrived from the nearby schools, so we headed back to the cars to drop of the bikes and bags.  My kind hubby then treated us to a ride on a pony and trap!  This was Meg's first ever time being up close to a horse, and she was SO happy!  The drive takes about twenty minutes and by the time we were back she was almost asleep.  What a fun time!  Meg is still talking about riding with the "hor-hee". :)

Almost There!

King Of The Castle!

Sweet Sisters!