Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amy's 14th Birthday ~ Japanese Theme

Last weekend, we celebrated Amy's 14th birthday!  I simply cannot believe that our baby girl is FOURTEEN!  Each time we have a birthday in our home, it reminds me to make sure we treasure every moment with our children, as our time with them goes by so quickly... 

Sweet Birthday Girl

Two EAGER Siblings

Amy's Birthday Card From Meg And Dylan
Amy had requested a "Japanese" theme, as she loves all things Japanese!  The morning began with all the kids piling into our bedroom for snuggles and giggles - the BEST start to any day!  Next we ventured downstairs to give Amy her birthday cards and gifts.  It was funny to watch Amy opening her gifts, surrounded by two little ones who were just as excited about her birthday as she was!  We joked that they looked like little birds perched on her shoulders!

"What'ya Got There Amy?"

Felt "Sushi" :)

Amy LOVES Herbal Teas! - She Received This Loose Tea Mug,
Plus Two Boxes Of Organic Loose Tea Blends

Amy Has Already Learnt Most Of What Was On This Course,
She Plans To Buy The Next Level Out Of Her Birthday Money

Nom, nom, nom!

"Hmm, Amy This Sushi Doesn't Taste Too Good!"

We quickly got dressed and did the animal chores, before heading into town for a special birthday breakfast at our favourite café/restaurant.  We actually ordered from the lunch menu, and the food was just DELICIOUS!  Dylan thought that "helping" a sister celebrate her birthday, is almost just as good as having your own birthday!

"Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You..."


Yummy Cake!

Once we were home, my dad and brother came over to visit with Amy and wish her "Happy Birthday!".  Since my husband was going to work that afternoon until midnight, he suggested that it would be nice to have Amy's birthday cake right then, and that way we could all enjoy it together.  What a good idea!  So we had our coffee with BIG slices of birthday cake!  Yum-yum!  Of course Meg did the rounds *helping* everyone eat theirs!   

Meg Loving On "Gi-Gi"

My Brother *Was* Happy - This Is Just His "Tough-Guy" Pose! :)

After my husband had left for work and my dad and brother had gone home, I popped Meg to bed for her afternoon nap.  Amy and I then got to work on making the sushi for her Japanese style dinner.  My kids LOVE sushi, so everyone was excited! 
Dinner was very good - we ate a lot of sushi.  Amy was pleased that I had bought a few other Japanese type foods to try with our meal.  I knew she wanted to try Miso soup, but I didn't fancy making it from scratch, so I did buy a ready-made kind *gasp*.  We also tried Japanese sea vegetables (a.k.a seaweed!), which Amy and I ate, but the little kids were totally not into it! 

Amy LOVED The Miso - The Rest Of Us, Not So Much!


Yummy Birthday Dinner

Once the evening chores were done and the little kids were in bed, Amy studied her Japanese language course and we tried out her hair wand.  Once I got the hang of how to use it (thanks to YouTube), we curled her hair for church the next day.  We were sceptical of the curls lasting, but to our surprise they were still fully intact in the morning!  Just before she went off to bed, Amy said she had loved the Japanese theme and enjoyed her birthday very much!
Happy 14th Birthday Amy - We LOVE You!



Nicole Pelkey said...

That's awesome. Looks like a wonderful birthday. I love the theme :) I couldn't stomach it...hahaha...but I'm glad you all could :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!!!!! Looks like a blessed day for a wonderful young lady!!

Ruth said...

Definitely treasure every moment you have. My daughter just turned fourteen too. Tragically one of her friends of same age has not long to live- cancer.
We never know what is round the corner, but we know whose hands it is in.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and creative theme! Was Amy able to celebrate with friends as well?

1HappyWife said...

Hannah and I were talking about Amy while we were painting at the job yesterday (all good things :)) BUT I remembered that I never commented :(.

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday Amy!!!! It has been beautiful watching you grow into a godly young woman. Your birthday day celebrations looked so wonderful. Dylan and Meg are so blessed to have such a wonderful sister and your parents to have you for a daughter. May your 14th year be filled with many blessings!
Love from across the ocean :) from your Friends the A Family :).