Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Baby No More

All Tucked In!

Yes, my littlest girl has moved out of the nursery!  Just a few days ago, we moved Meg into the same bedroom as Dylan.  Also, on the same day, she swapped her crib for a BIG girls bed! 

I was prepared for a little transitional fussing, but Meg has been such a good girl and never disobeys by getting out of bed.  The two little kids are LOVING this new arrangement, and I think they are blessed to have siblings to room share with.  Though I love to see my children growing and maturing, and would never think of holding them back on my account - this poor mama is having an acute attack of "empty-nest syndrome".  Ha!

This Book Is One Of Meg's Favourites To "Read"
...It's A Teachers Key, That A Friend Gave

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1HappyWife said...

Congratulations Meg :). Exciting and sad at the same time. Poor Jonathan is still in a toddler bed! He started a savings jar for a bunk bed ... I think he is ready to move out of his little bed. LOL! It is on the list of to do or look for, we just have the dilemma of finding one that will attach to the the twin we already have.