Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gardening Fun

I Thought This Picture Looked Funny - 
Almost As If The Tractor Was Towing The Laundry!

Ireland has had some rather bizarre weather of late; as you'll no doubt tell from the various array of clothing my kids are wearing in the following photographs.  One minute shorts and t-shirts, the next rain gear and winter coats.  I do always giggle when I see some of your posts, detailing "putting away the winter clothes", or similar!  Being accustomed to the Irish climate, we are used to having a more "all-seasons" approach to wardrobe storage!

Meg Enjoying A Piece Of "O-hinge"

Dylan Showing Meg How To Successfully
Splash In Puddles!

We have been somewhat busy in the garden over the last few weeks, planting our vegetables.  Normally my parents do all the planting and we help with harvesting and processing.  But this year they do not wish to plant, so we are doing some by ourselves.  Admittedly I'm not very "green-fingered", and so much of what we are doing is "learning as we go" gardening!  We have not planted very much, but we have a few things growing; items that we usually eat fairly regularly and have never grown before, so it is exciting.  You may remember me blogging last year, that we had hoped to buy a poly-tunnel to grow our produce in - but it just wasn't possible this year, so we opted to plant outside anyway.  I do hope that the slugs and hares won't eat all our veggies!
Dylan And I Were Keeping A Watch On A Labouring Cow

Our Leeks Are Growing

Sage Is One Of My Favourite Herbs

Turnips - An Irish Staple!

Other than that, we have had the busiest last few months I think I've ever experienced!  Just keeping up with the "essentials" keeps us going from the morning, until we collapse in bed at night!  Thankfully the rush of springtime on our farm is slowing down a little, and we hope to enjoy a "slower pace of crazy" sometime soon! 

My Handsome Helper!

Dylan, "Mowing" The Lawn


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