Thursday, July 18, 2013

Play In The Post

A few days ago, our postman delivered a large package to our house.  Everyone wondered what it could be!  Of course I pulled out the *boring* stuff first; multiple packs of organic raisins and facial wash.  But then, o-ho! 

Two small boxes of TOYS!  Our kids almost never receive new toys outside of normal gift giving times, and so they were thrilled, as well as VERY surprised!  As I was mid-way through switching Meg's things into Dylan's room and cleaning in there, we opened one box upstairs, so the kids could play right away.

I have heard/read many good things about Playmobil, but we had never owned a set before.  I am happy to report that the little kids (okay and us too!) love their Playmobil sets.  In the days since, they have played with them for hours each day!  I am impressed with the quality of the sets, the pieces are very sturdy and I loved the little details included.  I know as parents, we can often feel the need to put the small fiddly bits away, so that they don't get lost or eaten!  However, those tiny pieces are Meg's favourite things to play with; she just loves to pretend to eat those little apples and play with the teeny mouse.

I Hope You're All Having A Fun And Enjoyable Week!

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Nicole Pelkey said...

My kiddos all LOVE playmobil. We have been collecting sets for a couple years and they have HOURS of fun with them!!