Monday, July 8, 2013

Rip-Off Ireland


When folks are talking about Ireland, you'll have no doubt heard our country referred to as "The Emerald Isle".  Usually the person has distant Irish lineage, and about the time they mention the above phrase, they'll gaze nostalgically into the distance and sigh...

Well, the Emerald Isle is indeed a nick-name for our country, that many people feel is appropriate, based upon the lovely, lush green fields and pastures.  However, in our modern day, another nick-name has been coined for the country that we live in: 
Rip-Off Ireland

Yes, the name really isn't very pretty, nor does it conjure rose-tinted images of lush green fields and woolly sheep.  Nevertheless, is a very true and accurate description of our country and it's approach to retailing. 
Don't believe me?  Just take a peep at the above and below pictures.  The price tags are from items I bought, when shopping in the "sales" last week with the kids.  In one department store, I spotted a lovely navy/white patterned skirt that I loved, and thought would go nicely with an item I already had at home.  I was disappointed to find that there was nothing left in my size; but it was so pretty that I bought the next available size up.  I was happy with my purchase, but still I knew that when I got home and peeled back the "sale" label, I would be in for a surprise...

The tag (for the skirt I bought) in the above pictures was originally priced at €56.00.  Which was then reduced to €39.20, before finally being retailed at "half price" for €28.00.  When I peeled back the label however, I saw that the original price in English pounds sterling was £32.00. 
At the current exchange rate, £32 equates to approximately €37 - NOT €56!
If I had been frivolous enough to pay full price (never would have happened) for my skirt, I would have actually been over-charged by €19!  And if I had really paid "half-price" for what it should have cost  - I should have paid €18.50.  Quite the difference huh?

Believe me when I tell you that this isn't a one-off, nor is this sort of extortion limited to that one store.  It isn't.  Some time ago my brother was trying to buy an underwater camera, he checked with a big name camera store here in Ireland and was priced something ridiculous; close to €400!  He priced the same camera ( with the same store) in England, he found that he could buy the camera for the equivalent of €200.  When we contacted the Irish based store they simply said "The current market dictates the price we sell at".  So because all other items retailed in Ireland are over-priced, you can expect to be over-charged for everything. 

Like I said, this is the norm here - so pack your bag, bring plenty of money and come on over to "Rip-Off Ireland".  Rant over...


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Loren said...

I find it interesting that they leave the original tag on if they are going to do that. I would also be interested to know what all the other tags say (there appears to be at least 3 under the one you photographed.) There are similar things that happen in America --so don't think it's just Ireland--. We have outlet malls which used to be great. You could go in the winter and get last years summer clothing at bargain basement prices--or in the summer and get fall/winter clothes. Unfortunatly with the economy they became super popular. The companies now make clothes specifically for the outlet and have fake "original" prices next to the "outlet" price. The outlet prices aren't really that good either anymore so I stopped going.