Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Is Here!

A Hot And Bothered Meg,
 Snacking On Cold Milk And A Cookie!

The weather in Ireland this week is h.o.t!  Of course, it is not hot compared with many other countries and places in the world, but for Ireland it surely is very warm.  Personally I'm LOVING it!  My husband loves warm sunny weather also, as do our two oldest kids.  Miss Meg on the other hand, is finding the heat uncomfortable and is sometimes a little cranky!  Still, she is enjoying all the extra outside playtime, and is having a lot of fun bouncing on the trampoline (in the shade) with Dylan and generally messing about outside.

Dylan Trying To Learn How To Play Chess On Amy's Lap-Top...
He Quickly Learned That The "Undo" Button Is A Secret To Success!

Amy Making Cookies

Given this great weather, I am getting so much laundry done; now that I can dry so much at one time and bring it all in *dry* just hours later!  The kids have been great helpers and bring the loads of laundry in, and loads of laundry I've only to find someone who would be willing to fold it all and put it away!

Dylan And I Having Fun Reading A Book
Loaned To Us By Friends.  It Is The First Book In
The "Farm Mystery" Series.  We Are Loving It!

Yesterday as my husband drove around the city on his day job, he spotted a refuse skip outside a house, with two kids ride-on vehicles in it.  Later on, as he was due to head home he stopped by that house again and spoke with the owner.  The man who was throwing them out, said he'd be happy for my husband to take them.  The little kids were SO HAPPY with their new toys!  Meg has a little JCB digger (with a beep-beep horn too!) and Dylan has a go-cart.  The go-cart did need some fixing up,  but once my husband had gotten the punctures on the tyres fixed and lubricated the rusty chain and joints - it flew around!  One man's trash, is another man's treasure!

Such A Cutie!

...Also Quite The Mischief Maker Too!

I'll finish up with this - just this week Miss Meg has begun to sing!  She still doesn't talk very much, and so I was surprised to when she asked me (in her baby-talk way) to sing "Glory to His name".  As I was tucking her into bed for the night when she asked, I sang the hymn quietly to her, and to my delight she sang along.  Admittedly she only sang two words that I understood; "gor-wee" and "app-ied" ( the rest was baby talk to the melody) but it was so sweet!  This has become a lovely nightly ritual, and now she'll also ask for "Gee-seh" which is her way of asking for "Jesus loves me".  I wish I could freeze those precious moments! ♥

I Hope You Are All Enjoying Your Week!


Nora L said...
this too i thought you might it is so hot it's lovely though..

1HappyWife said...

Poor Meg! Some of us don't take heat that well either ... not that we don't like sunshine and warmth ... just the humidity melts us!

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your posts :)! Dylan is such a good worker :). Meg grows cuter every day and Amy is just a beautiful young lady! So happy the home where Christ is the head!!!

It is hard to find someone willing to fold around here too :).

Have a great week!!!!

Sarah in Ireland said...

Nora ~ Thank you for the link! I did look into making my own sunblock just a couple of months ago. Alas, I didn't really get around to it - though recently my husband did manage to order us some "Badger Natural Zinc Oxide" sunscreen! As far as I'm aware it has none of the carcinogenic ingredients that all other sunscreens have.